JD(U) raises questions about EU delegation’s visit to JK, asks if India needs certificates from foreign parliamentarians






BJP-ally Janata Dal (United) on Tuesday raised questions about a European Union delegation’s visit to Jammu and Kashmir saying that it is India’s “internal affair”.

“I think the government should think this more carefully. Do we need endorsement and certificates from foreign parliamentarians right now or do we consider what is happening in Jammu and Kashmir as an internal affair of India?” senior JD(U) leader Pavan Varma told ANI.

“On the one hand, we say that what has happened in Jammu and Kashmir is an internal matter of India and on the other hand, we want to showcase it to an international audience when normalcy has not yet fully returned in the Jammu Kashmir. There is frozen peace there which is up for display to a delegation of foreign MPs, when our own parliamentarians can’t go and visit Jammu Kashmir,” he added.

A delegation of European Union Members of Parliament (MPs) is on a visit to Jammu and Kashmir.

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