IOA rejects new National Sports Code draft






The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has rejected the new National Sports Code draft and has also raised questions over many articles that are present in the newly crafted draft.

Currently, the National Sports Code 2011 is in effect, but a new National Sports Code was drafted in 2017.

The newly crafted draft proposed changes in the original 2011 code. It included the barring of ministers, members of parliament and legislative assemblies from holding office in National Sports Federation and IOA.

It also focussed on tenure restrictions and age cap of 70 years. It also called upon the National Sports Federations’ (NSFs) to appoint CEO.

However, while rejecting the National sports Code draft 2017, the IOA said that the latest draft does not include or specify the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and Paralympic Committee of India (PCI).

The IOA also said that in the code, there is no differentiation mentioned for NSFs that exclusively govern sports for the disabled and Special Olympics.

Regarding the age cap of 70 years for its office bearers, the IOA said that the norm is in tune with the Olympic charter but the International Olympic Committee has not enforced it on all international federations.

The IOA also went on to propose that every NSF should be allowed to follow the age limit of their respective international federation, or a uniform age limit of 75 should be imposed.

Regarding the tenure of office bearers, the IOA went on to propose to do away with the provision of a cooling-off period for the office-bearers. It also proposed that the same definition for office bearers be maintained from the original Sports Code.

“Stability and continuity in leadership are essential principles in good governance. But the said draft would continually destabilise the administration. Two terms are not adequate for any significant contribution or implementation of long term plans for the advancement of sports. Accordingly, it is proposed to remove the limitation of the cooling period, which has a micro and macro-level impact,” the IOA said.

The IOA in its feedback has also strongly objected to the exclusion of State and Union Territories Olympic Associations as the members of the National Olympic Committee in the newly crafted draft.

Regarding the Athletes Commission, the IOA said that the commission would be in compliance with the guidelines of IOC and it would oppose government’s intervention in the matter and it also objected to CAG audit of its accounts as it “does not avail government funding for its administration”.

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