Best justice would be public lynching, says Jaya Bachchan on Telangana rape-murder case







Rajya Sabha lawmaker Jaya Bachchan on Monday reiterated that the “best justice” for the victim of Telangana rape and murder case is “public lynching” of accused who committed the heinous crime.

Her comments came in the backdrop of gang-rape and murder of a veterinarian doctor by four persons in Telangana’s Shamshabad last week. Later, her charred body was found. The accused have been arrested by the Cyberabad police.

“The fault is of those who could not provide security to the woman and upbringing of the accused. They must be brought out in public and let the public decide their fate. It is happening in a lot of countries. What is done to people who commit such crimes? Public lynching. That will be the best justice,” Bachchan said.

The actor-politician said that if the authorities are not able to provide security to the women, then the judgment must be left to the public. “Those who failed to provide security and those who committed the crime should be exposed in public and then let people decide.”

She asserted that people are not afraid of the uniform anymore. “It is pertinent to find out why they are not afraid of the uniform. Why is that, in every other rape case, the victim is killed?”

Earlier today, amidst uproar in Rajya Sabha over the rape case, the Samajwadi Party member had said that such people need to be brought in public and lynched.

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