IkkJutt warns against any administrative reorganisation of J&K UT that promotes Greater Muslim Kashmir.

IkkJutt Chairman Ankur Sharma warned the present UT Government in J&K about any administrative reorganisation that promotes Greater Muslim Kashmir.

He said apprehensions are growing in Jammu across its length and breadth that the present UT government is playing around with a dangerous idea of creating Administrative Divisions in Jammu and Kashmir Provinces in which Kishtwar, Doda, Bhaderwah, Ramban, Reasi, Rajouri and Poonch will be converted into two new Divisions after joining them with certain districts of South Kashmir namely Anantnag, Kulgam, Shopian and a few others.

To put it briefly, Muslim majority districts of Jammu province are being clubbed with Muslim majority districts of Kashmir and are created as separate Administrative Divisions. Ankur Sharma describes this act as Declaration of War on Jammu.

“This administrative set up is the reincarnation of Dixon formula. It is like bringing back subversive Musharraf formula into play and we will not allow it to happen, come what may”, said Ankur Sharma.

Ankur Sharma explained that Dixon formula sought division of J&K State along the line of Chenab River aiming to separate Muslim majority areas of Jammu and integrate them with Muslim Majority Kashmir.

Musharraf Formula also, provided for recasting entire J&K including PoK on communal lines by carving out Muslim majority areas of Jammu and Ladakh and administratively integrating them with Muslim majority Kashmir. The separatists call such an arrangement as it as Greater Muslim Kashmir.

Its administrative setup would have 7 Legislative Assemblies namely Muzaffarabad, and Mirpur in PoK; Leh and Kargil in Ladakh; Cis Chenab and Trans Chenab in Jammu and Kashmir in Kashmir with an overarching upper house having proportionate representation from all these Assemblies. It is important to note that 5 assemblies out of the 7 were to be overwhelmingly Muslim majority assemblies. This arrangement was to be put in place for a period of 10 years followed by a plebiscite in entire J&K. Practically this meant giving away J&K to Pakistan over a period of time by misrepresenting the same as fait accompli before the Indian Nation.

Ankur Sharma said Hindus of Jammu are already fed up with Kashmir, Kashmir prat of GoI.He said that concepts like Kashmir Economics (Kashmirnomics), Tourism in Kashmir, Development of Kashmir, Alienation of Kashmiris etc are symptoms of an obsessive pathology of seeing whole of Jammu and Kashmir merely as Kashmir.

Ankur Sharma asked GoI to take notice of fast growing disillusionment in Jammu that might turn into outright rejection of whatever GoI has done or will do in case Kashmir bias continues to plague GoI.

” We will not allow Mushraff/ Dixon plan resurrected through a back door. These plans had brought subversive concepts of Shared Sovereignty, Porous Borders and Joint Management in J&K as peace prescriptions.”

Ikkjutt Jammu will not allow one more betrayal of Jammu and the nation, Ankur declared and asked the cadres of IkkJutt to be ready for a do and die struggle in case the Government even appears to move in this direction.

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