CAA- A step towards decolonization of Hindu mind and response to Genocide of Hindus: Panun Kashmir

In a press conference held in Jammu today, Panun Kashmir hails passing of Citizenship Amendment Bill in both houses of Parliament as a first decisive step to respond to Genocide unleashed on Hindus.

Addressing the press conference, Dr Agnishekhar, Convenor  said, “The decision to grant citizenship to persecuted Hindus of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan is a monumental decision of Modi Government to address the mutilations inflicted on Hindus during the colonial enslavement.” He added, “The passing of CAB by the Parliament of India is a resolve to ensure complete politico-cultural Decolonization of India. Decolonizing Indian mind is a critical necessity for national integration.”

Branding the step as another epochal act, Dr Agnishekhar said, “Providing citizenship to persecuted Hindus after recognizing the genocidal attrition unleashed on them after partition of India will bring about a transformation in the character of State of India. The State of India since Independence chose to remain a mute bystander to the genocidal attrition unleashed on Hindus left behind in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.”

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Condoning the past ruling dispensations in India for staying neutral and hostile towards its responsibilities he said, “Congress regimes had converted State of India into an instrument to wage war on the Historical and civilisational identity of the Nation of India,” adding, “Today entire nation stands wholeheartedly with Modi in this decision.”

Dr Agnishekar further said, “Responding to the genocides unleashed on Hindus living outside India should act as stepping stone to address the Genocide inflicted inside Independent India on Hindus living in Kashmir.”

Political analysts today are of the opinion that the recent political happenings like neutralization of 370, scrapping of 35A, reorganization of J&K and now recognizing the persecution and Genocide of Hindus in sub continent is a vindication of the stand taken by Panun Kashmir for last three decades. Panun Kashmir over years has been consistently working on sensitizing the world opinion about the threat unleashed by Islamic Jihad in contemporary world order clearing the cob webs of idealistic mindset which have offered a fertile ground to Islamic fascism and theocracy.

Panun Kashmir demands the establishment of separate homeland for Kashmiri Hindus in Kashmir valley comprising the regions of the valley to the East and North of river Jehlum.

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