National Conference calls for initiating dialogue; demands release of all mainstream political leaders.

In what can be termed as softening of stand of National Conference, its Provincial president Devender Rana while addressing a question from Epilogue News, “if NC has compromised with the recent changes since NC today is talking about furthering on democratic political process,”  Devender Rana said, “ As far as 370 and 35A is concerned , National conference has come out very clearly that after the release of the leadership, the working committee of the NC under the president-ship of Dr Abdullah and Omar Abdullah will be called and after due deliberations and discussion a future road map will be announced.”

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In a press conference held at Jammu, National Conference provincial president Devender Rana further said, “Extension of detention under PSA of Dr Farooq Abdullah is anti constitutional and illegal.” Adding “National Conference has always stood for democracy and democratic principles and it is this belief which Sheikh Mohd Abdullah upheld while denouncing two nation theory. Sheikh Abdullah, he said “believed in the principles of secular democratic polity of India, adopted it and always held the baton high in J&K.”

He further said, “Imposing PSA on Dr Farooq Abdullah is challenge to the nationalist character of Dr Abdullah. He is the same Dr Farooq Abdullah who visited Geneva with Atal Bihari Vajpayee to uphold the Indian stand and Atal Bihari Vajpayee is on record saying that there is no nationalist of his stature.”

Devender Rana flocked by other party leaders Ajay Sadotra , S S Slathia and T S Wazir further addressing the media said, “Blocking or subduing the ideology of main stream never serves the interests of the country. We believe that the detention of mainstream political leaders has led to a political vacuum which is neither in the interest of India nor the citizens of J&K.”

Issuing an appeal to the prime minister of India, he said, “ The Prime Minister should initiate a process of political dialogue to address the aspirations of people of different regions in J&K and release the main stream leaders to carry forward the process of political dialogue for democratic process in J&K.”

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