Protest at Jamia was pre-planned, outsiders involved, claims Delhi Police









The Delhi Police on Tuesday claimed that incidents of violence on Sunday near Jamia Nagar area during protests by students and others against the amended citizenship law appeared to be pre-planned and indicated the involvement of outsiders.

Kumar Gyanesh, Additional DCP (South East Delhi) said, “I saw it myself, some protesters were carrying wet blankets and putting them on tear gas shells to minimize their impact. It did not seem to be spontaneous but well planned.”

“Petrol bombs were also hurled at us by the protesters. These things do not happen on the spot, it shows that it was a conspiracy. The kind of stone-pelting and reaction appears to us as if it was pre-planned,” Gyanesh said.

On Sunday DTC buses were set on fire after protestors clashed with police and left several protestors and policemen injured. A major controversy had broken out after police personnel resorted to lathi-charge and firing of tear gas shells to deal with the violence

Earlier today Delhi Police said 10 people with criminal backgrounds were arrested in conection with Sunday’s violence. On being asked, the DCP said, “Investigation is at its initial stage and we will locate the main conspirators.”

The Delhi police have also released a video of December 15 in which Delhi Police Joint CP is heard appealing to students of Jamia Millia Islamia to stay calm.

In the video, the Joint CP addressing the protestors said, “Police has come for the student’s security. There are some outsiders who have reached amongst you and have been pelting stones and tube lights at the police. We want your representatives to come out and talk to us. Please do not do anything that insults your university.

“We are not acting against anyone. Those who belong to University administration or are group leaders should talk to us. Don’t throw stones at us at it will not help in the situation and we will have to use force which will be harmful to you. I request you to talk to us or stop those who are throwing bottles and stones.”

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