Unjustly allocated extra territory to Pakistan must be taken back: G L Raina, Former MLC, BJP

BJP Kashmir Displaced District cell in a nationwide campaign of party held a press conference at Jammu sensitizing about Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).  Addressing the media Girdari lal Raina, former MLC said, “BJP is conducting a nationwide program since 1st December to dispel the rumors and falsehood being spread by Congress and Left Parties against CAA, adding these parties are provoking Muslims in India.”

He further said, “Entire South Asia is reaping the sins of Congress party since it is the Congress party which divided the country in the name of religion.”He added that Muslims comprised only 13% of the total population at the time of partition but nearly 22% of the entire territory of India was allocated to them in shape of Pakistan.

In a candid and firm claim former MLC claimed that we need to take back the territory unjustly allocated to Pakistan. He said, “Even out of 13% of the total Muslim population a considerable proportion of Muslims decided to stay in India, and we can say nearly 22% of entire territory of India was allotted to less than 10% of population.”

Regarding CAA he said, “Mahatma Gandhi , Pt Nehru and all other leaders had promised the minorities that  they will be granted citizenship of India if they decide to settle in India in future and it is this government which has fulfilled the promise made by those leaders, adding CAA is a process of granting citizenship to those persecuted minorities of these countries, it has nothing to do with taking away citizenship from anyone.”

Taking a strong dig at Javed Akhtar who has used a poem of Faiz Ahmad Faiz, former MLC G L Raina said, “Faiz was not an angel, his role and writings can be placed under scrutiny.”

Addressing the media former MLC Surinder Ambardar said, “There is no doubt that India has rejected two nation theory, Congress and Arundati Roy are trying to find its lost ground shooting over the shoulders of Indian Muslims.”

Issuing an appeal to the Muslims of India not to get swayed away by the lies and concoctions of Congress and Arundati Roy, he said, “They can leave India anytime, but Muslims have to stay in India, so Muslims must never get carried away by their false narrative.”

He further said, “This country belongs to us and we must not harm ourselves and this country for the Muslim refugees of other countries.”

In what can be termed as gross disconnect with the core issue of genocide of Hindus of Kashmir, Ex Member of Legislative Council Surender Ambardar when asked a question about the statement of Home Secretary who had claimed Genocide of Hindus of Kashmir feigned ignorance of any such statement and claimed he will go through the statement of Home Secretary.

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