Working on a blueprint for the overall development of Ladakh, says Lt Gov RK Mathur






The first Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh, Radha Krishna Mathur said that the administration is in the process of making a blueprint to ensure the overall development of the region.

“In each area of development, we are in the process of developing the blueprint. Under Reorganisation Act package has been announced for Ladakh. We are working on refining the package so that whatever progress did not occur in past, we can catch up on it and make better progress,” Mathur told ANI on Wednesday.

He was in Delhi to attend a conference to interact with the tourists and tour operators, from around the country, to promote tourism in the region.

“Tourism will be a big source of revenue for Ladakh. There are very few places which can match up to Ladakh with respect to tourism and the tourism products which it has to offer. It is one beginning which we have made, in terms of how we can make Ladakh more prosperous,” Mathur said.

The conference was also attended by Ladakh MP Jamyang Tsering Namgyal, who said that the region needs to move ahead on economic, education and other fronts.

“We want to move ahead on economic, education and other fronts to be able to build our own economy and to contribute to the nation’s as well. Tourism in Ladakh can help in a big fashion on that front,” Namgyal told ANI here.


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