India under-performing in relationship with Europe, says EAM




Emphasising on the need to grow India’s relationship with Europe, External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar said here on Wednesday that India is “under-performing” in respect to the collective relationship with Europe.

“The relationship where we are under-performing is with Europe. We still deal a lot with individual states. But collectively with Europe and some smaller states there is tremendous scope for our relationship to grow. A lot of headroom out there,” said Jaishankar, while speaking at Raisina dialogue 2020 organised by Observer Research Foundation (ORF).

He said that India and the United States of America are working in almost all sectors together.

“We are not under-delivering on India-US relationship. There is no area of activity where India and the US are not working together. Pick a sector and I will show you something substantial happening there,” he said.

On India’s relationship with China, he said, “Neither India nor China can get India-China relations wrong. Our relationship is unique. Each country has gone up in the world simultaneously. It is necessary that the two countries find equilibrium.”

He said that India’s relationship with Russia has been extraordinarily steady and stable.

“All major inter-state relations have seen volatility. The relationship between India and Russia has been extraordinarily steady and stable. One of the reasons is common geopolitical interests. The other reason is sentiment,” said EAM.

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