Y4PK endorses ‘Panun Kashmir Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Bill 2020’

Youth 4 Panun Kashmir (Y4PK) under aegis of Panun Kashmir, the organization spearheading the demand of separate Union Territory to the East and North of River Jehlum for displaced Kashmiri Hindus on the occasion of 30th Year in Exile of the Kashmiri Hindu Community endorsed and presented a proposed Bill on the Genocide of Hindus in Kashmir.

The Bill named ‘Panun Kashmir Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Bill 2020’ was presented on ‘The Exodus Day’ in Pune. The Bill was initially proposed and submitted by Panun Kashmir under the leadership of Dr Agnishekhar, Convener, and Dr Ajay Chrungoo , Chairman, on Homeland Day, 28 December 2019 in Jammu to all the parliamentarians including the Prime Minister and the Home Minister of India.

Addressing the Press, Rahul Kaul, National Coordinator (Y4PK)stated The proposed Bill comprehensively defines the crime of Genocide committed against Hindus of Kashmir and the responses which are in line with International Customary Laws, Principles of Natural Justice and Rule of Law. It establishes the Act of Genocide committed against the Hindus of Kashmir as the gravest crime against humanity and lays down elaborate mechanism for punishment, prevention and reversal of Genocide perpetrated on Hindus of Kashmir. It has been a resolute and consistent view of Panun Kashmir that GOI must accept the campaign of destruction and violence against the Hindus of Kashmir leading to religious cleansing of Kashmiris as an act of Genocide, since it fulfills all the criteria laid down by the UN Convention on Genocide, said Rahul Kaul.

Speaking on the Bill Rahul Razdan , General Secretary of Y4PK, said that since the Government of India has already recognized Genocide of Hindus of Kashmir while imposing a ban on the JKLF and India being a contracting party to the ‘United Nation’s Convention on Prevention and Punishment of Crime of Genocide 1948’ it is obligatory on part of the Union of India to enact a law in India. India has ratified the convention in 1959 but so far no such law has been enacted by the Parliament of India.

Rohit Bhat, West Coordinator Y4PK and Chief Coordinator ‘Yekjah’, speaking on the ‘Nishkasan Ka Dard’ ‘Pain of Exile’ a continuous event to be commemorated on 19th January across India said, This year cricket matches are being organized in Pune under the theme “YEKJAH”. A symbolic exhibition is also being organized, where live tents will be pitched depicting the life of refugee camps during 1990’s. Volunteers of Y4PK will interact with the participants explaining each of these themes.

Vithal Chowdhary, North Zone Cordinator of Y4PK expressed his firm resolve and conviction in the demand for separate homeland for the community, said, “Kashmiri Hindus have suffered extreme subjugation over decades in Kashmir and have never have been able to experience true freedom guaranteed by the Indian constitution.” Adding, “The Government couldn’t neither prevent the genocide unleashed on us, nor has shown any intent to address the Genocidal war.” He further said, “The creation of separate Union Territory as envisaged in Margdarshan resolution 1991 is imperative to address Genocide unleashed upon Kashmiri Hindu community.”

Digamber Raina Coordinator NCR while interacting with the press stated “It was a shock for us when we had to start living in a small tent in Jammu, being used to a much comfortable life in our big house in the valley. The struggle with day to day things like getting drinking water, following daily hygiene, and so on, was too harsh to bear. We somehow managed our lives, and yet my parents ensured I continued to focus on my studies and a commitment to return my Homeland. He added, “It is heartening that the government of the day has woken up to the Genocide and religious persecution of minorities in Pakistan, and we hope that Modi government will now address the genocide and religious persecution of Hindus of Kashmir.”

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