Rassana symbol of Hindu resistance; Toppling of Mehbooba an act of divine intervention: Ikk Jutt Jammu

People in thousands cutting across party lines, from all walks of life and from all the districts of Jammu Province today gathered together at the Holy Shrine of Baba Kaliveer Ji at Rasana, Kathua. They assembly  paid obeisance at the Holy Shrine and participated in the Bhandara and other religious ceremonies. The participation of men, women and children was on an unprecedented scale. The gathering could be seen  seething with anger and tearing into the powers-that-be in the state and at the centre for letting down the Nationalist Hindus of Jammu Province in general and of Kathua in particular by not apprehending the conspirators of the 2018 Kathua conspiracy.

This was stated in a press release issued by the IkkJutt Jammu, which has been spearheading the movement to save Jammu from communal forces and elements in the establishment who had been seeking to change Jammu’s demography to create Kashmir-like situation in the strategic Jammu province so that Pakistan could achieve its 72-year-old sinister goal: Annexation of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.

Rassana becomes symbol of Hindu Resistance. People in one voice resolved to convert Rassana into a symbol of Hindu Resistance and a religious place like Ayodhya, Mata Vaishno Devi, Baba Amarnath. People also resolved to build a grand temple at Rassana.

IkkJutt Jammu Chairman, Advocate Ankur Sharma said that several thousand devotees of Baba Kaliveer in one voice condemned the desecration of the shrine by the Mehbooba Mufti Government two years ago to push forward her sinister agenda aimed at cleansing Rasana and its forests of all Hindus. “Communal, anti-India and anti-Jammu forces desecrated the Shrine of Kaliveer as per a meticulously devised policy. The desecration outraged the sensitivities of crores of devotees of Baba Kaliveer. The almighty God avenged the desecration by bringing down the Mehbooba Government and also brought to the knees many others who within the establishment and outside had sided with her, followed by abrogation of Article 370 and 35-A” said Ankur Sharma while reflecting on the mood of the devotees of Baba Kaliveer and what they repeatedly said.

“A thorough CBI probe into the conspiracy was the exigency of the time and need of the innocent, brutalized, persecuted and abused Hindus. By not accepting their genuine and constitutional demand, the vested interests only helped the conspirators defame Nationalist Hindus of Jammu and dub them rapists or supporters of rapists,” said IkkJutt Chairman while highlighting the developments at Rasana.

Ankur Sharma said that now that the Special Investigating Team (SIT) of the Rassana Case is itself in the dock, it is the most opportune time to order CBI probe into the whole conspiracy so that the nation and the international community come to know that the motive behind the Kathua conspiracy was to run a Global Hindu/Bharat defamation campaign with an aim to execute Demographic and Land Jihad as a part of larger Islamo-Fascist Fundamentalist game plan. He expressed the hope that the Union Government would appreciate the sentiments of the people of Jammu province and assuage their hurt feelings by order CBI probe.

Prominent persons who assembled at the Holy Shrine Of Baba Kaliveer included Ex MLA Kathua Charanjeet Singh; BDC Chairmen of Hiranagar and Ghagwal namely R. Kalia and Vijay Tagotra; Sarpanches of all the neighbouring Panchayats; Prof Hari OM; Ajaat Jamwal; Ashwani Sharma; Vinod Sharma; Harish Kapoor; Chandan Sharma.

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