Restore Statehood, Release Political detainees, Grant domicile rights: Ghulam Hassan Mir & Dilawar Mir ( Ex Ministers)

The coherence in action might be missing but the coherence in thoughts is visible and prominent. This could be gauged in a press briefing by senior political leaders and ex ministers Ghulam Hassan Mir of J&K Democratic Party and Dilwar Mir of J&K PDP held in Jammu today. Addressing the press conference both the leaders pitched for the same set of demands which reflects in the demand list of all the leaders from Kashmir valley who have interacted to press after the historic decisions taken by the Narender Modi government.

Addressing a jointly held press conference, both the leaders appealed the central government to release the political detainees including the ex chief ministers of the state. Ghulam Hassan Mir said, “After submission of memorandum to the Lt Governor we saw some positive developments on ground like release of some political detainees held in state and outside.” Adding, “Since it is customary for the government to release detainees on Republic Day, as a good will gesture, it would be ideal to release all the detainees held under preventive detention.”

(Watch Press conference)

In a fervent appeal Hasssan Mir appealed the government to restore fully functional internet service in Union Territory claiming this demand resonates in both the regions of valley.

Referring to the memorandum which many political leaders including both of them submitted to the Lt Governor, Hassan Mir said, “We have appealed Delhi to restore the statehood, safeguard the land rights and employment concerns of the youth of Jammu and Kashmir.”

Replying to a question of Epilogue Media regarding the contradiction in demanding Domicile rights and revocation of 35 A, Dilawar Mir said, “I donot think there is any contradiction in this demand, as far as 370 is concerned it is sub-judice in the highest court of country, we have demanded restoration of statehood and other things in our memorandum to the government and the decision is to be taken by government of India, let there be a consensus within different political parties.”

(Response to question of Genocide of Kashmiri Hindus)

Replying to another question of Epilogue Media regarding their take on the Genocide of Kashmiri Hindus, Hassan Mir said, “Whatever happened with Kashmiri Pandits nobody is happy with that, it was a very bad time, they had to leave Kashmir, it was not because of their free will but under duress,” adding, “Government of India should take cognizance of the fact and take necessary measures to satisfy the problems which our brothers have faced.”

Analyzing the statements of Political leaders especially from Kashmir region, we can fairly conclude that the political leadership across party lines has sinked in into the historic decisions of neutralization of Article 370 and reorganization of state. Restoration of statehood, release of political detainees and domicile rights seems to be the political barter the valley based leadership is playing. Only times ahead will reveal the extent of surrender the government of India is ready to make in granting the demands of these leaders.

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