India closely monitors PLA Navy supported Chinese fishing fleet in Indian Ocean




Indian Navy aircraft spotted the movement of Chinese distant-water fishing fleet supported by the People’s Liberation Army Navy ships, in western Indian Ocean Region, while they were moving towards Morocco in Africa.

The movement of the Chinese vessels and the warships travelling along with them was tracked by the Indian Navy warships and aircraft deployed in that region, Indian Navy sources told ANI.

The Chinese distant-water fishing fleet was moving towards Morocco as part of their expedition to fish far away from their shores, they said.

The Western Indian Ocean connects North America, Europe and Asia, and as such is of global strategic importance.

Sources said the Indian Navy keeps a close watch through its surveillance assets in the form of maritime surveillance aircraft including the American P-8I anti-submarine warfare and surveillance planes and satellites.

India has been keeping a close eye on the movement of Chinese and Pakistani warships in the region including the movement of Chinese anti-piracy patrol fleet which passes through the Indian Ocean Region.

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