NRC will follow NPR, country’s atmosphere similar to Germany in 1930s: Owaisi





AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi on Tuesday hit out at the BJP-led government saying that National Population Register (NPR) and National Register of Citizens (NRC) were two sides of the same coin and the atmosphere in the country is such as it was in Germany in the thirties of previous century.

Making a multi-pronged attack on the government during his speech on the motion of thanks to the President’s address, Owaisi said that the Narendra Modi government had taken foreign diplomats to Kashmir but political leaders of the country were not being allowed.

The AIMIM leader said he was challenging Prime Minister to state if NPR and NRC are not two sides of the same coin.

“If you bring NPR, there will be NRC,” he said.

Owaisi said that CAA “grants as well as snatches citizenship”.

“If there is NPR, there will be NRC. Prime Minister says the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is not to snatch citizenship, it is to give citizenship. CAA grants as well as snatches citizenship. In Assam, names of five lakh Muslims did not figure? But you want to give citizenship to Bengali Hindus. NRC and NPR are the same thing,” he said.

Referring to the protests against CAA in the country, the AIMIM leader said, “The Prime Minister had said that he is the brother of Muslim women. Today, when Muslim women are standing against him, why is the brother getting anguished?

“It is a fight for our survival. If we fail, we will be finished. That is why we are categorically saying that stand with us,” he added.

He claimed that the current environment in the country was “similar to Germany in 1933, 1938”.

Owaisi said a census was done after which atrocities were committed against the Jews. “This is going to happen with Muslims. This is their aim,” he added.

He also took a dig at Home Minister Amit Shah over the incidents of firing in the national capital and said, “What is happening in Delhi? Three bullets have been fired in the capital. Is this your law and order?”

“Fire at traitors. Hit me. If you have courage, kill me. I am prepared to die. They do not have guts. They want to finish the Constitution,” he said.

Owaisi also said that US Congress and senators had made remarks about some domestic laws of India despite Modi and US President Donald Trump having good relations and a draft resolution had been tabled in the European Parliament over the CAA.

“Is this your failure or not?” he asked.

The AIMIM leader said that Japan, which is a friend of India, had favoured Pakistan at the FATF meeting and Islamabad will be able to come out of the grey list with such support.

He said that Rs 700 crore had been saved by ending the Haj subsidy and asked how much money had been spent in opening schools for Muslim women.

Owaisi also said that there had been centralisation of power under the Modi government.

The AIMIM leader responded to interruptions during his speech and said he is speaking well as he ate “halwa and poha”. At one point, he said that he was the biggest infiltrator.

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