“Farooq, Azad leaders of Demographic Jihad on Jammu, demographic change of Jammu is a genocidal destabilization” : Ankur Sharma.

Launching  a scathing attack against the perpetrators of demographic aggression on Jammu region, Ikk Jutt Jammu under the leadership of Ankur Sharma held a press conference in Jammu. Coming down heavily on both Naional Conference and Congress for their role in placing the interests of Jammu region in peril Ankur Sharma said, “IkkJutt Jammu has no hesitation in stating in unambiguous terms that a sinister Demographic war on Jammu province was unleashed immediately after the total religious cleansing of Hindus in Kashmir in 1990.”

He added, “This Demographic assault was spearheaded by the so-called secular Muslim leaders of mainstream Muslim political parties National Conference and Congress later on joined by the leadership of People’s Democratic Party. To be more specific, Farooq Abdullah and Ghulam Nabi Azad led the demographic war on Jammu from the front by illegally occupying the forest lands in Bhatindi and building their houses on these lands.”

Labelling direct accusation on frontline Muslim leaders of Congress, National Conference and PDP, he said, These parties ensured that the demographic assault on Jammu becomes a state sponsored project,”

While releasing the main observation of the Ikk Jutt Jammu commission on demographic changes Chairman of IkkJutt Jammu Ankur Sharma said, “This demographic assault to convert Jammu province into a Muslim majority province has a clear cut objective of the genocidal destabilization of Hindus living in Jammu province,”

IkkJutt Jammu Commission on Demographic aggression of Jammu Province observations: 

# The predominantly Hindu majority city has already been encircled by creating a ring of Muslim colonies and settlements as well as building residential accommodations so that a sudden influx of Muslim population into and around Jammu city can go almost unnoticed.”

# Around 100,000 residential houses and accommodations have been built in and around Jammu city since 1990.

# 50 lakh Kanals of Government land has been encroached upon in the Jammu province, particularly on the stretch extending from Jammu city to Lakhanpur. Government admission that 25 lakh Kanals of Government land has been encroached upon is a gross understatement.

# More than 100 mosques have been built in and around Jammu city where there were only 3 mosques in 1994.

# A new Jammu city has already been built within the slopes of Bhatindi forest Hills, Sidhra and the adjoining areas of Tawi Floor Bed. The Bhatindi locality is no longer a locality but a sprawling town, a very small portion of which is visible from Old Jammu city. Moving into Bhatindi exposes one to a wholesale capture of mountain slopes which originally were lush green forests. A sprawling city has come up in the encroached hillocks, forests and state land with full civic amenities and road connectivity. It is glaringly evident that the entire process of building a new Muslim Majority city has been done with the full connivance of the State government and its political class. Roughly more that 25000 houses have come up in this area extending from Channi to Sidhra to Bajalta on both sides of the National Highway 44 connecting Kunjwani to Nagrota. Most of these houses are on encroached forest and state land.

# The entire developmental plan of Jammu city in last two decades has been so devised to make the Muslim majority new Jammu a sustainable city having potential of rendering the original expanse of Old Jammu city into a backyard through the building of road connectivity including NH44 and systematic and deliberate establishment of Business houses. We have been witnessing a very systematic state-sponsored plan of creating a Muslim majority-Jammu as a prelude to creating a Muslim-majority Jammu province.

# The overwhelmingly Muslim areas which constitute this demographic encroachment are Bhatindi, Narwal, Sunjwan, Kaluchak, Peer Baba Mohalla, Poonchi Mohalla, Channi Rama, Channi Himmat, Raika, Sidhra, Rangoora, Khanpur, Nagrota, Gujjar Mohalla, Qasim Nagar on both sides of newly built NH 44 Bypass. Out of these localities only Channi Himmat and Qasim Nagar have a 50:50 Hindu Muslim population all the rest are overwhelmingly Muslim majority localities with a Muslim population of more than 80 per cent.

# While NH44 is dominated by the Muslim localities built on the Bhatindi-Raika Hills, the adjacent NHA1 has also seen the development of Muslim majority localities overlooking the highway starting from Gujjar Nagar on the right side of river Tawi, Upper reaches of the high slopes starting from the HC complex Janipura and extending right upto Akhnoor-Jammu Highway. The Muslim localities overlooking Jammu-Akhnoor highway are, Ladakhi Colony-Upper Thatter, Poonch Colony-Gurha Brahmina, Haiderpora-Chinore, Gujjar Mohalla-Paloura, Poonch Colony-Bagani Raipur, Haiderpora-Malpur, Masjid Mohalla-Burn, Kot-Lower Kaala Kaan, Thatter Flats, Sukhi Nehar-Ban Talaab, Bharat Nagar, Kang Kote, Chak Bhalwal, Patoli,, Purkhoo, Luxmi Nagar, Ramzanpura etc. More than 30 mosques have come up only in this area.

# These localities overlooking Jammu Akhnoor Highway when seen along with huge purchase of Land from upper reaches of Domana to the lowest point through Jammu Akhnoor highway create a strategic demographic foothold to destabilize the Hindu majority Jammu city.

# Muslim Bureaucrats, politicians, businessmen, subversive elements within the security establishment too have been at the forefront of this demographic assault and most of them have taken a lead by themselves building houses and business establishments on encroached lands.

# Within the Jammu city, the original Muslim localities of Khatikan Talab and Ustad Mohalla have expanded manifolds while the Hindus living in these areas have systematically shifted out while the Islamisation of the localities gained momentum. Within the Jammu city building of Gujjar Nagar was the first State sponsored demographic intervention in the Original Jammu city.

# Lands of Hindus have been claimed by Wakf recently in Hindu-majority Samba, Kathua, Jammu districts and even Hindu majority towns like Poonch, Ramban etc.

# Building Muslim localities along the floor bed of Tawi river near Nagrota has been a critical component of the subversive strategy to encircle the Military Cantonment of Nagrota.

# The demographic character of business establishments in the form of Dhabas, restaurants, general grocery and handicraft shops, hotels, along Jammu Srinagar Highway and Jammu Poonch highway has also seen a drastic change.

# Areas around the railway tracks in Jammu have also been targets of demographic encroachment.

# The last Governor of the Jammu and Kashmir state, Satya Pal Malik took a bold step of annulling the Roshni Act which constituted the Legislative Demographic Jihad against Jammu. This bold step raised hopes that Government of India had finally woken up to the grim reality of demographic war being waged on Hindus of Jammu along with the promise that Rhongiya Muslim refugees will be shifted from Jammu.

# The period after Jammu and Kashmir was designated as a Union Territory has seen almost a total paralysis in responding to the Demographic War being waged on Jammu. It is causing huge demoralization. The government proclivity to see Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory primarily as a Kashmir domain and its pathological Kashmir obsession has raised doubts that Jammu and Kashmir is being treated less as a Union Territory and more as Union Muslim Territory.

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