Police inquiring into the matter: DCP South on Gargi College incident






Delhi Police have begun a probe into the matter of alleged harassment and sexual abuse of female students in Delhi’s Gargi College by a number of unidentified men during their annual cultural fest on February 6.

“We are inquiring into the matter. However, we haven’t received any complaint so far,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) South, Atul Thakur.

Speaking about the incident on Thursday, a second-year student told ANI, “Taking advantage of the crowd, the men followed girls everywhere and groped them. They made girls uncomfortable and showed us that they have control over us. They derived pleasure from it.”

Another student claimed that she could see this happening at every corner in the campus.

“Men were molesting girls and smoking on the campus which is strictly prohibited. Bouncers were not doing anything as they were just watching the show,” she said.

Talking about the response of the college administration, a student said, “I don’t think the administration has taken action regarding this so far.”

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