US landed India into crisis by taking it off developing countries’ list: Shiv Sena




The Shiv Sena has said that the United States Trade Representative (USTR) taking India off the developing country list ahead of President Donald Trump’s visit has landed India into a crisis.

“The Trump administration has thrown a ‘googly’. India is now no more a developing country but a developed nation. This is a big crisis for India. India is miles away from the status of developed countries on parameters like education, health, employment, cleanliness and poverty alleviation,” the party said through its mouthpiece Saamana.

“India is not a developed country and now it will no more avail the benefits that a developing nation gets. However, our Prime Minister will find a way out and will convert the bitter gourd sent by Trump into a sweet,” the editorial said.

“This bitter gourd adversely affecting India’s global trade prospects came at a time when the central government and Gujarat administration are making arrangements for Donald Trump’s visit and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is himself monitoring it,” it added.

Ahead of Trump’s visit on February 24 and 25, the US removed India from the list of developing countries. The USTR office has classified India as a developed economy, ineligible for benefits given by Washington to developing countries.

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