Kejriwal’s model of development should reach pan India, says AAP MP Sushil Gupta





Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Gupta said here on Monday that the pan India expansion of the party is required for the development of the nation on the lines of “Kejriwal’s model”.

“Kejriwal’s development model has to reach all over the country. This is the real nationalism. Educated and healthy India is real nationalism. For improving the country we will have to go wherever the public needs us,” said Gupta while speaking to ANI.

This comes a day after the AAP formulated a three-point action plan under the ‘Join AAP for Nation Building’ campaign to expand nationally.

The three-point action plan includes a state-level meeting of all active volunteers and office bearers, posters in all legislative assembly constituencies in India inviting people to join the ‘Nation Building’ campaign.

A missed call number shall be published in all legislative assembly constituencies in India and press conferences by the senior leaders in the state capitals and in other major cities, according to an official press release by AAP.

Delhi Minister Gopal Rai said nearly 15 lakh people have already expressed their interest to join the AAP since its launch on February 11.

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