Won’t accept interlocutors suggestion of meeting in groups, asserts protestors at Shaheen Bagh

The Supreme Court-appointed interlocutors, Sanjay Hegde and Sadhana Ramachandran, on Thursday told the Shaheen Bagh protestors that terms and conditions of the talks will be decided by them. This was their one condition to initiate the dialogue with the protestors.However, on Friday, ahead of the interlocutors’ meeting, the women sitting on dharna made it clear that their condition for talks is not acceptable to them.One of the protestors, Mehrunisa, when asked about interlocutors suggesting women can meet them in a group of 20, she said that there would be no talks in groups as suggested by Ramchandran.

“There would be distrust among the rest who did not meet them in that particular group. Whatever they have to say, they should say it before all of us,” stated Mehrunisa holding a stick in hand.Shakila Begum too became agitated when suggested why not meet interlocutors in groups.”There would be no talks in groups. We are here with others. And we want everyone to listen to what others have to say, ” Shakila said.

Asked if women will agree to the conditions set by interlocutors of meeting them in groups and batches, she said, “Why? We won’t. We are here together. We have sat here braving the rains and cold. We won’t vacate. If they want to brief the court, they should do it about CAA and NRC.”

Another women protestor, who called herself, Hindustani, said that the protest is a mass movement and talks cannot be held in groups.

Ram Singh, a 95-year-old protestor, said, “I have come here to protest against Modi and CAA. If anything untoward happens here, it will have an impact on the whole country.”While there was much debate on who will take the mike to speak to the interlocutors, all seems to be adamant on speaking in selected groups with Ramachandran and Hegde.

Ask them if a solution could be found out of the talks, the group of protestors said that it is possible but the road cannot be vacated.”They saw the adjoining roads. They came here for roads. We will not vacate it. There are other roads blocked by Delhi police. There have been many protests where roads were blocked. We want CAA to be repealed and NPR should be the one that was 10 years ago,” said another protestor.

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