Delimitation based on 2011 census an internal conspiracy against Modi-Shah; Ikk Jutt Jammu dares Arun Kumar- JK Study Circle to condone facts.

“Conducting Delimitation of Assembly/Parliamentary Constituencies on the basis of Census 2011 is the surest way to once again sell out Jammu and keep it hostage to Fundamentalist Kashmiri Islamic Hegemony” said Ankur Sharma, Chairman IkkJutt Jammu while demanding cancellation of the recently issued notification providing for the constitution of a Delimitation Commission tasked to delimit constituencies on the basis of 2011 Census. The Government should wait for the results of 2021 Census operations, the process for which is scheduled to be initiated in April 2020 before starting the new Delimitation exercise.

Ankur Sharma further said this new conspiracy has its epicenter within the Sangh-BJP and these are those few individuals who had supported peace engagement with Pakistan on the basis of Musharraf Plan and subsequently pushed BJP into alliance with PDP on the basis of subversive ‘Agenda of Alliance’. They have been working overnight to fail what Sh. Narendra Modi/Amit Shah did on 5th August; 2019.
Ankur Sharma said that this group within the RSS and BJP is trying to bluff the Hindus by claiming that population is not the prime consideration in the Delimitation Process. “Nothing can be far from the truth than this. Making population figures as not so important a factor is a subversive argument by implication. This argument is an attempt to somehow cover the fraud of 2011 Census which would undoubtedly result into resurrection of Kashmiri Hegemony over Jammu. The think tanks in the Parivar like JKSC headed by Sh. Arun Kumar cannot condone these facts.
Fraud and fudged census in J&K has always been a conspiracy against Jammu hatched by the successive Central Governments in active connivance with the  Fundamentalist Kashmiri Islamic Power Centres, disguised as mainstream political parties, in order to ensure that power in J&K always remain in the hands of Muslims of Kashmir.  Ankur Sharma further said, “It is only because of the fudged census that  a). when in 2002, the number of voters in Jammu were more than Kashmir by 1.41 lakhs, Kashmir’s population was falsely shown to have increased by 14,11,000 in 10 years from 2001 to 2011.”
Citing another example he said, “The average population growth of Jammu Province which was 31% between 1971-2001 dropped to 21% in 2011 which instead should have increased attributed to migration within and outside the state on account of Hindu and Sikh Genocide in Kashmir,”
The percentage growth in Kashmir’s population should have been lower but it grew by 26% post 1991 and population of Muslims as a %age of total population increased by 4.12% whilst that of Hindus and Sikhs fell by 4.27%.
“The decision of Government of India to conduct new delimitation of legislative constituencies on the basis of fraudulent 2011 Census is a betrayal of National Interests in J&K. It is a naked conspiracy to defeat the very purpose of neutralization of Article 370 and reorganizing the erstwhile state into two Union Territories. Delimitation on the basis of 2011 census will only consolidate Muslim hegemony and perpetuate Jammu and Kashmir as a Muslim Domain apart from rest of India, said Ankur Sharma,.”
Ankur Sharma further stated, “The fraud of 2011 Census was aimed to destroy Dogra Hindus politically, socially, culturally and economically and create the basic foothold for Demographic Jihad in Jammu. That the tentacles of this conspiracy are spread within the so called Hindu political party and the Hindu cultural formations, underlines the reach of Jihadi forces. For these subversive elements within the larger Parivar, Dogra Hindus became a blind spot not by accident but by design of their strategic view.” Ankur Sharma said that a detailed appraisal of such conspiracies operating from within will be done soon.
The decision to conduct new Delimitation on the basis of 2011 Census was taken concomitantly with the formation of J&K Apni Party which is also a subversive act and a part of the same design to enforce Muslim hegemony. “Let us have no doubts that it is the reincarnation of the old PDP experiment that almost brought Jammu and Kashmir to the brink of separation and gave official recognition to politics of secession,” Ankur claimed and added it seems Government of India has learnt nothing from past. Ankur expressed surprise why Amit shah and Narendra Modi are allowing such state of affairs which is filling Hindus of Jammu and Kashmir with fright and insecurity.
Ankur Sharma urged the Prime Minister and Union Home minister to eschew the sinister idea of conducting Delimitation on the basis of 2011 fraudulent Census and issue necessary orders to the Registrar General of India to conduct special Census for Jammu and Kashmir before the new Delimitation Commission starts its exercise.
Other office bearers who were present included Anil Padha; Rajinder Ji; Harish Kapoor; Ajaat Jamwal; Ashwani Sharma; Sh. Jagmohan Sharma and Ors.

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