J&K Apni Party and the Vision of Pt J L Nehru.

While the permutations and combinations of political arrangement were shaping up in India during 1930’s  Indian National Congress took a principled stance of aligning with mass leaders across India. This stance transcended the geographical domain of British India including princely states in the arrangement. Pt Nehru well before independence knew that it will always be hard for India to rule over J&K considering J&K was a Muslim majority state and the impending necessity to create a proxy of New Delhi in J&K to govern.

It was during 1930″s with the active support of few Kashmiri Pandits he converted Muslim Conference which hitherto was a rank communal outfit into an acceptable secular outfit by prevailing upon Sheikh Abdullah to change the constitution of Muslim Conference. The change in Constitution of Muslim Conference was necessitated to include people from other faiths. The maverick Pt Nehru also changed the nomenclature of Muslim Conference to a more acceptable Jammu and Kashmir National Conference.  Thus National Conference became a proxy of Congress in state to rule This arrangement continued till Congress was ruling the roost in India.

When the dispensation changed at center and BJP came to power,  the power center shifted in favor of BJP which inevitably had to establish its own confidents in power at helm in J&K, Thus during NDA 1 they created a proxy of their own which came to be known as JK Peoples Democratic Party.  If we dig a little deeper we will know that JKPDP too roots its existence in pro separatist party during 1980’s called Muslim United Front or Muslim Mutahida Mahad( MUF)  interestingly PDP maintained the same ink pot n pen as the election symbol as MUF.

BJP after giving birth to this proxy desired to rule the state through it. The fissures began to erupt during the parlays of drafting Agenda of Alliance in 2014. PDP started rising its ugly head of pro separatist’s policy of governance and insisted on various items which didn’t go well with BJP top brass, but like BJP had to swallow the bitter pill considering it was a historic opportunity for the party to share power center in the state.

It was well during 2014 parlays of AoA when it became evident that this proxy will not hold long and BJP in search of another proxy got hold of Sajad Lone People’s Conference and supported him full throttle.  Sajad lone son of Hurriyat leader Abdul Gani lone and brother of another Hurriyat leader Bilal lone became an overnight hero with active support of none other than PM Modi himself.  However Sajad could not click attributed to his past bogey and he ditched BJP midway.

Having all the proxies showing their true color of pro separatism, Union of India was left with no option but to invert the pyramid of politics in state. August 5 came as a epochal day and the process began.  India challenged the dejure hegemonic state head on and it appeared that the dejure hegemonic State will crumble.

However, it is evident from the Reorganization Act that Union government has kept the window of its resection open. The hint to this effect was established in the very Act which mentions the Delimitation exercise in the UT of J&K will be based on 2011 census.  All this knowing well that the census of 2011 was fraudulently done.  Secondly, It was none other than the Home Minister Amit Shah who in the same breathe while passing the legislations of epochal change assured from the floor of house about return of state hood.

In the background hectic activity was taking place to locate faces in valley which could be used to initiate the democratic process again.  The advent of J&K Apni Party as a proxy of center and BJP relates to this.  Here is a party which hosts maximum number of members from PDP which prima facie supports the epochal change of August 5.

How this proxy new arrangement behaves can be rested for future but it is evident that the policy structure envisaged by PT Nehru in 1939 is still in vogue as far as dealing with J& K is concerned.  Pt Nehru has become an icon of ridicule and shame across India, but India has not been able to break free from his legacy.  Appeasements through choicest meals to Sheikh and compromising the national interest by adapting to half and pro separatism arm twisting became hall mark of Pt Nehru’s policy on Kashmir.

Imagine, even after 80 years the state of India continues with the same policy of appeasing one region while maintaining its supremacy over Jammu which has been at the receiving end. Ironically, the power center in New Delhi is concerned about the demographic changes in Kashmir and repeatedly assures against any such move, however it has maintained stoic silence about rampant demographic changes in Jammu.

Acknowledging half separatism as the only way of governing Kashmir has stayed as the hallmark of Indian policy paradigm right since Nehruvian era. Penalizing nationalists and Incentivizing Separatists continues to be in vogue.  Very soon you might hear a nationalists’ voice in Jammu being penalized for its continued efforts to rake various Jammu concerning issues in media.  In the words of a though leader of state and chairman Panun Kashmir, Dr Ajay Chrungoo, “Running J&K though half way separatism is the opium addiction of the state of India.

And Jawahar must be rolling in laughter today.


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