Kamal Nath asks Guv to postpone floor test

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath on Monday asked Governor Lalji Tandon to postpone the floor test in the Assembly saying that the atmosphere is not “conducive” for it.

He alleged that several Congress MLAs have been held hostage and are being forced to give statements by BJP.

In a letter to Tandon, Nath said, “When I met you (Tandon) on Mar 14, I apprised you of the fact that some of my MLAs are being held hostage by the BJP under the supervision of Karnataka police and being forced to gives statements. To carry out a floor test in this atmosphere is unconstitutional.”

Asking for a postponement of the floor test, Nath said, “The atmosphere isn’t conducive right now. The vote should only be held when all MLAs are free and are not under any pressure.”

Allegations were leveled against the BJP for reportedly holding hostages at least eight Congress MLAs from Madhya Pradesh against their will at a luxury hotel in Gurugram’s Manesar and Bengaluru.

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