The resolve of earthlings to fight and defeat the latest threat to humanity has reached new zenith. Entire world is focused and glued in this salvo with expressions pouring in from across the globe reaffirming our faith in the potential of man to fight back.

Epilogue is receiving it share of unflinching commitment of mankind to defeat the nova threat known by the name of COVID 19 virus. As the entire globe stands astute and firm, we present a very telling expression of our thoughtful and creative reader Mr Ramesh Manvati.

COVID-19, the virus of Corona,

Originating from Wuhan in China,

Has created an unusual scare,

Crossing borders, on earth’s sphere.


From America to Zambia,  

Everyone, whether, rich or poor;

Of any nationality and religiosity,

Is hit by the fear on their persona.


Till now in months, nearly, four,

Over eleven thousand lives are lost;

Unfortunately, on more shadow is cast.


Life, virtually, has come to a standstill,

Including in India, from a town to a hill.


Not panic; to fight the pandemic,

Wash your hands frequently,

Remain in isolation from public,

Inside one’s homes, preferably.

Strictly, follow ‘Janta Curfew’,

Help protect and save a few.


Revisit, deep rooted Indian Sanskaar;

And, greet people with a Namaskaar!


Corona, unites the world in fear;

For humankind, a signal to be fair ? 

It is time to stay focused to the resolve and commitment to life. We must in our individual capacity lead by example and lift the moral of mankind. We must remember with each challenge comes opportunity, and opportunities lead to new discoveries. Let us all discover the collective power of mankind through individual benchmarks.


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  1. arvind shah

    Covid -19

    The poet’s expression
    embedding into a drop, an ocean
    “Where a sun ray is not to reach
    Poet,  is there to reach*”

    Man is miserable
    unworthy to keep ownership of the earth –
    mistreats it, taxs it , tortures it, exhausts it
    behaves treacherous with arguments malevolent
    and claims to be buoyant and  decent.

    Religions are made averse to spirituality –
    split apart to stand with daggers drawn
    deceit, hatred, divide is the definition
    and the means of propagation.

    He is challenged to have created population by a faulty act
    and man believes it has the duty to set things correct.

    I and my is the only right
    heart and head has lost virtue sight
    welfare is built on exploitative  commerce
    man feels proud for deeds, he shall remorse .
    Man links to fall into gloomy net
    for power, presence and might to get.

    The Earth is laden with such loads on its spin
    for the man  to go in silence through din –
    today Covid -19 is out , man to teach
    what man is and what it has to be.

    Covid-19 will go, but not before
    a changed world order to get forth
    and what man will make out of it
    will determine, if the man is fit to live.

    Arvind Shah ©21320

    *an expression in Hindi literature

    Arvind Shah
    writer poet translator

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