Rugged “approach and attitude”is a threat to integrity of Nation.

Unfortunately, India continues to be on Mission Suicide in Kashmir.  All the ruling dispensations have played to the gallery in Kashmir in a hope to bring the secessionists into national mainstream.  Even a layman today understands the reasons associated with armed rebellion in Kashmir and knows the 1000 year old maxim of Ghazwa e Hind is knocking at the Kashmir – last doorway of India. It is both appalling and disturbing that  the Indian state seems to be nurturing the dream of using soft power and kid glow treatment to win over the jihadists in Kashmir.

The truth of the fact lies in the perpetual and flawed understanding of Indian state right since Kashmir acceded to Indian Dominion that Kashmir being Muslim majority state needs pampering and appeasement. The first sign to this effect came through subversive Article 370 and 35A of the Constitution of India which made Indian Constitution through it the entire nation subservient to the whims and fancies of majoritarianism in Kashmir. The saga continued for seven decades as India peddled its way through the ever escalating asymmetrical war consuming the valiant and other resources which could have been unitized for the larger good of the country.

August 5 came as a epochal day in the annals of post Independent India generating a new hope of ending this asymmetrical war on this nation. It appeared that the Indian state has ultimately realized the consequences of a flawed approach of the last seven decades and will take a divergence from it to uphold the sovereignty and integrity of the nation. However the flip flops of government ever since have diluted most of the gains if not all from the epochal decision taken on August 5 on the floor of parliament of India. With 370 and 35 A as the first sign of a subversive state, the Domicile Law prohibiting the Indian citizens from seeking employment in the state even though India has scrapped 35 A came as the latest straw in keeping Jammu and Kashmir outside the ambit of the Union of India.

Dissecting the historical approach and the reasons why Indian state is not able to hold to its own decisions it is imperative to understand that India state has always looked upon Kashmir as a separate entity than the rest of India, even separate from Jammu. Accession tied Kashmir to India but India seems to have lost Kashmir in mind attributed to the flawed and defeatist approach. The pampering and appeasement of a section of society in Kashmir has crossed all limits purely because Indian state always tried to maintain the exclusive character of Muslim hegemony, ironically at the expense of hard core nationalists of Jammu, Ladakh and Kashmiri Pandits. Ever since accession of Kashmir to India, India has always fought an uphill battle to hold Kashmir and paid a heavy price for it. Having fought four direct wars with Pakistan, and fighting an unceasing asymmetrical war for three long decades, it is time for Indian state to change the rugged ‘approach and attitude’ towards the consuming issue.

The only solution which not only salvages Indian position on Kashmir but gives a deafening blow to hegemonic structure which has assumed threatening Jihadist designs lies in change of ‘approach and attitude’ first on the canvass of mind to be translated on the contours on ground.

India to begin with must treat and relate its relation to Kashmir as a civilizational continuity rather than a mere territory which acceded to Indian Dominion in 1947. India can never win this war if it doesn’t establish its civilizational claim over Kashmir. With the current narrative at hand India is simply playing into the hands  of separatists who claim that Kashmir is a fallout and an unfinished agenda of partition.

Ironically our approach and attitude has limited our argument just to defend the claim of Accession when we should have launched a crusade of our civilizational claim over Kashmir across the globe. India has always believed that the ebb and flow of this nation lies in its civilizational legacy and its continuation, Kashmir stays at the fountain head of Indian thought process and the umbilical cord which connects both cannot be held hostage to any piece of paper or accord which is merely 70 year old, the legacy and anchors are innately woven by thousands of years of shared history.

Some of us might be wondering why Indian state has stayed as a mute spectator and a bystander to forced exodus and Genocide of Kashmiri Pandits,  and why even after 30 years it continues with the policy of denial of justice to the victims of Genocide. How can hard core nationalists be treated in such a manner denying them even the basic guarantees enshrined in the constitution of India, is a question which has been vehemently disturbing the members of the exiled community and their well wishers alike. Staying as mute spectator in 1990 with continued apathy of the last 30 years indeed has something connected distanced from the naked eyes of the majority of people.

The reason for this quandary lies in the same flawed “approach and attitude” of Indian state which has dissociated Kashmir from its civilizational anchors.  Indian state ever since its formation in 1947 has only peddled the separatist narrative of Accession and never cared to go beyond it.  Kashmiri Pandits on the other hand have always been the beacon light of a civilizational legacy and its continuity for the last 5000 years.  Considering the Indian state ever since has always side tracked the narrative of civilizational continuity and relationship with Kashmir placing it at back burner, Kashmiri Pandits became natural collateral of this flawed “approach and attitude”.

Let the Indian state know the arithmetic of this asymmetrical war has already consumed thousands of valiant and brave officers and drained the exchequer heavily. The flawed ‘approach and attitude’ has lacerated the pride of this nation and thrown a challenge at the sovereignty and integrity of this country Unless and until India changes its “approach and attitude” towards the issue, building a narrative around the civilizational connect instead of IOA and place the exiled Kashmir Hindus on the forefront of this narrative,  India will continue to bleed.

Indian state must know the interests of the Kashmiri Pandits -the custodians of Indian nation lies in delivering justice to the victims of Genocide and a dignified rehabilitation of survivors of Genocide in accordance with the Panun Kashmir Margdarshan Resolution 1991. The resolution envisages creation of a Geo Political dispensation in form of a Union Territory to the East and North of River Vitasta. The first step of this crusade against Islamic Jihad unleashed in Kashmir is proportional and indispensable to delivering justice to the victims of Genocide and dignified rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits in valley – their original home.

India must shun its flawed narrative of the last 70 years of fighting the enemy within their turf.  The war has continued in an escalation phase with scores of valiant men trying to win over and fight at the conditions and terms set by the enemy.  It is high time that India as a state and nation rises from its beaten and rugged “approach and attitude” setting its own terms of engagement with separatists and secessionists of Valley placing exiled Kashmiri Pandits at the center stage.



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