Kashmiri Hindus a collateral of civilizational onslaught: Surender Ambardar, Ex MLC

Jammu Kashmir Vichar Manch, a socio-cultural organization working towards the cause of Kashmiri Hindus in exile organized a live webinar to deliver a wider understanding of the Domicile law and its implications on exiled Kashmiri Hindus.

Speaking on the occasion senior BJP member and ex MLC Surender Ambardar made a detailed presentation on the political and historical requirement which necessitated incorporation of such encompassing rules of Domicile for exiled Hindus of Kashmir.  He revealed that the Department of Disaster Management, Relief and Rehabilitation is working on war footing to create a web portal for online registration of Domicile Certificate.

Terming the move as reversing historical aberrations which led to the slow but steady exodus of Hindus from Kashmir since 1931 in contemporary history, Surender Ambardar said 1931 stands as an epitome of barbarity and persecution of minority community in valley. He said, 1931 was a handiwork of British who in order to destabilize the Maharaja government unleashed a communal bigot Abdul Qadeer. It was Abdul Qadeer who incited the masses against Maharaja whom he termed as a ‘Kafir King’. The loot and plunder carried by frenzied mob after it attacked Central Jail in Srinagar city created a fear in minority Hindu community to an extent that peace loving Kashmiri Hindus started to leave valley.

Another assault on Hindus of Kashmir took place in 1947 when Pakistan sent its regular army and Tribal mercenaries to plunder loot and kill the Hindus of Kashmir valley. Terming himself as a direct victim of tribal invasion since his grandfather was martyred in the same raid; Surender Ambardar narrated the gory incidents which led to a wide scale massacre of Hindus and Sikhs in valley. Tribal raid and the events which immediately followed led to mass exodus of Hindus and Sikhs from valley.

Connecting the dots, Surender Ambardar termed 1967 Parmeshwari agitation as another assault on the respect and dignity of Hindus of valley in which a Hindu girl was forcibly kidnapped, married and converted to Islam by religious bigots. 1967, he said was an incident which again stirred the consciousness of Hindus of Kashmir and the apathy and aggression of state administration led hundreds of families to leave valley .

One of the gravest assaults on Hindus of Kashmir came in year 1986 in which scores of villages and Hindu habitations came under vicious physical attack leading to arson and loot of hundreds of houses and temples in valley especially in south Kashmir. The horrific communal onslaught of 1986 shattered the Hindus of Kashmir compelling them to leave Kashmir in hordes.

Terming 1986 as a full dress rehearsal which led to one of the biggest tragedy of this century in terms of Ethnic cleansing and genocide of Kashmiri Hindus in valley. The forced human displacement in 1989-90, Surender Ambardar said, was a aimed at religious cleansing of Hindus who were nationalists of highest order in valley.

Appreciating the vision and historical understanding with a will to accord justice to the exiled Hindus of Kashmir Narender Modi led government has customized the Domicile rules keeping in view displacements of the community since 1931.  Issuing a fervent appeal to the community across the globe to get registered for the Domicile certificate, he said, we must avail this historic opportunity to undo the effects of past displacements which have led to political, social and economic marginalization of community.

In his detailed address Surender Ambardar posted contours of struggle in front of community and appealed the youth of community to draw a wider understanding of the struggle and events which led us into exile

Terming this struggle as a response to civilization onslaught of last 1000 years starting from Bin Qasim to and coming down to Mohd of Gauri and Ghaznavi, Surender Ambardar said, the modern day terrorists are nothing but the continuation of same onslaught. Terrorist organizations, Separatists and their Over ground workers are the foot soldiers of this onslaught. The purpose and goal of these foot soldiers right since last 1000 years stays to convert Dar ul Harab territories into Dar ul Islam.

Surender Ambardar terming this as a battle of narratives said, the farce narrative which casted the day of blatant loot and plunder of 13 July 1931 as Martyrs upon our memory needs to be dismantled. Similarly various farce narratives were built like in the middle of massacres of Hindus and Sikhs in Kashmir a ‘ray of hope’ was raised to shroud persecution and genocide of Hindus in Valley. Adversary has been on job creating such narratives to subdue and sidetrack the truth in Kashmir. Even the crystal clear ethnic cleansing and genocide was marred by bigotry of the adversary who has been religiously peddling the fake Jagmohan angle in our forced displacement.

BJP leader and ex MLC without mincing words took a direct dig at Sheikh Mohd Abdullah considered as the tallest leader of state saying the contemporary onslaught on Hindus for last 70-80 years is direcly linked to Sheikh Abdullah who right since his Muslim conference days has been peddling a anti Hindu narrative. Sheikh Abdullah while using the term ‘Fifth Columnist’ for Kashmiri Hindus paved a way for negative classification of Hindus turning the err of majority towards them.

Leaving no stone upturned in castigating the present day leadership of valley based political parties and tearing through the recent statement of ex Finance minister Haseeb Drabu who had made unsavory remarks against Hindus of Kashmir., Surender Ambardar advised him to peep into his own incompetence as a finance minister of state which led the state to the brink of bankruptcy.

Senior BJP leader and ex MLC thanked and appreciated the role of all the community organizations who played a pivotal role in framing of Domicile rules customized to reverse the displacement of Kashmiri Hindus. He expressed his special veneration towards the Prime Minister Narender Bhai Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah , LG G C Murmu and Ashok Koul , Organizing Secretary, BJP (J&K) who make this epochal historical occasion possible. He made a repeated appeal to the community to register for the Domicile Certificate and expressed his whole hearted support of assistance to any community member who faces any issues in going through the process.

Ambardar further said that Sh Amit Shah Home Minister Of India is strong leader who does not believe in ad hoc measures so when ever there will be proposal of rehabilitation of more then one lakh families it will be compact rehabilitation ensuring non- Refoulement to create space for harmony and Indianization.


  1. Ajay Pandita

    It was definitely a well organised session for the members of displaced communities from the erstwhile state of Jammu & Kashmir since 1931 when minorities were made to undersatnd the risks of living in a muslim majority state inspite of having a democratic and secular Raja of that time.Domicile is the right of every kashmiri to return to his roots where Dharma can prevail and blossom in real terms and our land & its true abrogines again become the torch bearers for attaining & impartinh knowledge & wisdom to entire mankind.

  2. Ashok Koul

    Excellent summary of major events since 1931. The 1967 and 1986 events were indeed the major turning points in independent India as far as the rise of Islamists is concerned. What most Indians do not recognize is that these events have had a major influence on the Islamists thinking in the rest of India.

  3. The onslaught on the KP community since 1931 are captured well in this article. The 1967 and 1986 were indeed the turning points for KPs in the valley. What people do not recognize is the fact that Islamist ideology took root in the rest of the country because the political class in independent India chose not to react to these events.

  4. Dr Manorama bakshi

    I’d like to express my deepest appreciation for the writer of this article, capturing the essence of onslaught of KP community since 1931.We should come out with this kind of factual narratives.

  5. Veer Khar

    Last paragraph looks very promising.

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