TRF: Pakistan’s Strategic Shift or Coercion

By Surinder Ambardar

(Former Member Jammu Kashmir Legislative Council Convener: International Public Relation Department( Jammu Kashmir BJP))


Kashmir watchers must have watched and observed the pattern of operational terrorism as more than three dozen terrorist outfits have operated in Jammu Kashmir from the last three decades. All these terrors outfits though having different names have one striking similarity which refers to their ideology. Thus they might appear to be different at the surface, but scratching the membrane we will recognize this striking similarity of same ideology and with a common agenda.

These terror outfits whether operating in Jammu and Kashmir or any other part of globe have a universal charter of dismantling the democratic and secular institutions while peddling the Sharia laws to further upon the Dar ul Islam concept of radical and theocratic Islamists. The terrorist are hardened Jihadists who undergo rigorous mental and physical practice to qualify being the foot soldiers of war against humanity.

This phenomenon can be uncovered in the other parts of the world where around one hundred terror leeches are operating. It brings shivers down the spine to see the modus operandi of these brutal terror groups in executing their plans. They all derive their monotonous monoesters desire from Jihadi Sulafism that believes in rule through Shariah and all those who don’t practice Sharia laws are infidels, promoting the use of violence to achieve their targets.

Boko Haram a fundamentalist Jihadi group fighting in Nigeria and expanding its virus in African subcontinent , Al Muhajiroun- a radical islamic organization in Britain, Jemaah islamiayah an AlQaida link that operated in Indonesia, Jund Al khalifa out fit is operating in Algeria having ISIS links. Drawing parallels these terrorist outfits have same kind of fits that we learn from Jaish-e Mohammad, Lashkar e Toiba, Hizbul Mujahideen, Hizab e Islamia or for that matter ISIS or AlQaida.

The orientation that is being extended to the bands is not only the mesmerized radicalized mindset, but the treacherous tricks of barbaric methodology. Inclusion of latest modes of warfare in Content developing , use of social network , practice of web sins, using modern weaponry, Jelly of negation , deceit and flooding of fake narrative with ruthlessly has added to the sting of these terror outfits making them severly deadly.

They use cruel methods of extortion, kidnapping , human slavery even sex slaves, Yezidis ( Yazidis an ancient Kurdish species who are known as Energy Worshipers are one specific race who are worst victims in the middle east. Their genocide, is one of the goriest of crimes against humanity which has spanned across centuries.

The ideologues of these terror outfits through various sources have added to the ideology while invented novel ideas to spread terro across the globe.

On September 21 2014, Chief spokesman of ISIS, Abu Mohammad Adani in an official statement announced. ‘Do not let this battle pass by; Kill their soldiers, agent, employ whatever means, don’t ask for any advice or help, kill the infidels from any country or their ally who is a disbeliever military or civilian. Use IED, blast, Gun, and Petrol bomb. Sword, knife even Stone, Run him over by a vehicle, Throw him down from height, Choke them, if unable to do so, Burn his Business and Shops , Destroy his crops ,House. Imagine the Chief spokesman of ISIS goes to the extent of saying that if a person is so incapacitated that he can in no way harm the infidels, at least he too should Spit on his face of the infidel.
An interesting aspect of this menace is not limited to terror activities leading to killings, rapes, assassinations et all but it today roots deep into the ideological plane and stands guided by intellectuals and learned. In one such example, a research scholar Dr Mudasir A Yatoo a scholar settled in London in one of his article titled “Countering Indian Settler Colonialism in Kashmir” has asked the masses in J&k to act in a defined protocol while dealing with settlers. He suggests to stop hosting guests — mehmaan-nawazi, no showering of love to settlers, taking a pledge to make the life of settlers hell, stop compartmentalizing the occupier, as soft and hard. Imagine the venom being spread by the so called intellectuals and ideologues like this writer, not sparing even the individuals who are whole heartedly working for the welfare of masses in Kashmir. The writer talks about IG Basant Rath terming him as “an archetypal example of state who uses its subjects’ psyche and sentimentality towards either maintaining status quo &/or strengthening the occupation.”

These so called intellectuals and ideologues seem to have a lasting impact on the terror outfits in Valley. It is not coincidence that Hamza, the commander in chief of newly pushed terrorist outfit called -The Resistant Front (TRF) declares an offensive war against all the settlers means he is acknowledging Dr Yatoo’s Fatwa .

TRF is new leech of ISI launched after 5th August 2019. A shadow terrorist outfit of Lashkar –E- Taiba handled by Mushtaq Zargar or Mushtaq Latram. Latram had his initial allegiance to JKLF and was close associate of Ishfaq Majid Wani one of the so called ideologues of JKLF and founder of AL Umer Mujahidin. Both of them were instrumental in heinous crimes that includes Kidnapping of Dr Rubiya Syed daughter of Then Home Minister and former Chief Minister of Jammu Kashmir, Mufti Mohd. Syed. TRF launching is precisely gauged for two immediate reasons, one Pakistan’s diplomatic Failure after 5th August 2019 after Union Parliament erased the controversial clauses of Art.370 and 35A, where only Turkey, Malaysia supported Pakistan, and China for her own larger designs and strategic interests. The more important factor is that Kashmir based Jamat-eIslamia and Hurriyat G faction is in total dismay, the leadership is being questioned and framed as collaborators by their Ruknas (Ex Member), as three decades armed struggle has yielded into abrogation of Art. 370 and 35A has created a sense of defeat amongst anti national bandwagons. TRF is a fox vein that claims to have its headquarter at Sopore area of Baramulla District is again a farce what is known is that it operates from across the Border and its devised operational strategy is borrowed from Joseph KONY LRA ( Lords Resistant Army) .

Drawing the Parallels from Abu Mohammad Adnani speech , Dr Mudasir yatoo Futwa, TRF poster campaign that the Theo fascist mind set is of catastrophic volume for the entire mankind so equally for this region of the world. The fresh killing of Kashmiri Pandit , a Sarpanch in his native village is an abstract of the prevailing mind set. TRF has owned the responsibility of killing Ajay Pandita terming him settler unfolds the frustration and severe ache of the handlers. . the new Domicile law for Jammu Kashmir with a provision of right to lakhs of Kashmiri Hindus Pandits the aborigines of Kashmir to live back to their land of ancestors.

This provision has generated a fresh but silent debate in the streets of Kashmir and the debate is about Prime Minister Modi , His vision, Clear perspective , Firmness and Global lexicon. The Phenomenal undercurrent of general masses is an indication of reconciliation. What is imperative at this stage is to boast the hot pursuit against the terrorist groups both on ground and on the line of actual control the proactive policy of geo political placement of Aborigines is an essential component to change the discourse, reaching out to genuine with some fresh unconventional means will not only drain out the enemies but will demolish the basis of the demonic mind set .The resolve to resurge the metaphysical values of Pandit Zinda Koul and Shams Faqir are in offering . Abraham Lincoln said : “My concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s Side, for God is always right.”

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