Ventilators to India will prove to be life savour for many patients: US Ambassador


US Ambassador to India Kenneth I. Juster on Tuesday said that ventilators provided by the United States to India will prove to be a life savour for many patients.

“The patients whose lungs are not giving proper oxygen, this vital support will be life savour. These ventilators will complement India’s ongoing work to get quality health work to all those who need it,” said US Ambassador.

Ambassador Juster’s remark came after the US handed the first tranche 100 ventilators to India here at the Indian Red Cross Headquarters.

“COVID-19 pandemic is a great threat to all of us. With partnership and cooperation, we will be able to give better health to our people. The US has been providing access to medical supplies and Ventilators to countries which need medical support,” he added.

He further said, “I want to get close with the work done by the health professionals and front line workers in India and US who have been helping to fight the disease.”

The first lot of ventilators, which arrived on Monday, is high technology are manufactured by Zoll US-based firm and are arriving from Chicago in the US.

A senior government official told ANI: “On Monday, about 100 ventilators are arriving from the United States as a donation. Ventilators would come to India by Air India flight. This is entirely managed by the India Red Cross Society.”

“Once the ventilators would arrive in India, there is a small inaugural function at IRCS after which these ventilators would be distributed to hospital for patient care,” said the official who is familiar with this matter.

Ventilators have emerged as a key medical device to treat critical coronavirus patients.

On May 16, US President Trump had tweeted: “I am proud to announce that the United States will donate ventilators to our friends in India. We stand with India and @narendramodi during this pandemic. We’re also cooperating on vaccine development. Together we will beat the invisible enemy!”

In response to Trump’s tweet, Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked him in a tweet and highlighted the India-US relationship.

“In such times, it’s always important for nations to work together and do as much as possible to make our world healthier and free from Covid-19,” PM Modi said in a tweet.

In the spirit of cooperation US govt, through Agency for International Development, is pleased to provide the Indian people with a donation of 200 ventilators and today we are pleased to handover the first tranche of 100 ventilators to the Indian Red Cross: US Ambassador to India

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