Indian philosophies, values emphasise sustainable way of life: Prince Charles

Prince Charles on Friday appreciated Indian sustainable way of life and said the country’s diversity and resilience is a personal inspiration for him and much to teach all.

“India’s philosophies and values have emphasised a sustainable way of life and a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature. India’s diversity and resilience is a personal inspiration and much to teach us all,” Prince Charles said during his virtual address in India Global week 2020.

Emphasising on the sustainability as the world tries to rebuild from the ongoing crisis, he said, “As we rebuild the world from the current crisis, we have an unparalleled opportunity to put people and planet at the heart of global value creation and move to sustainable markets for long-term value, balancing natural, social and physical capital. Looking forward, new employment opportunities, entirely new industries and markets rooted in genuine sustainability are within our grasp.”

Princes Charles also highlighted that he was always encouraged by the Indian diaspora and their role in building a sustainable future.

“In many of my discussions with the Indian Diaspora community in the United Kingdom, I always felt so encouraged by their ambition to build a sustainable future. One of the most innovative ways, in which the diaspora is already involved – and a way that re-thinks the deployment of capital – is through the use of social finance,” he said.

Prince of Wales stressed on the need for the UK and India to map a post-COVID plan for economic revival addressing climate change and current imbalance in natural biodiversity.

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