Muslim Uighurs are forcibly put in concentration camps in China: Hashim Qureshi

M Hashim Qureshi, Chairman of J-K Democratic Liberation Party, has highlighted the treatment meted by the Chinese Communist Party to Muslim and Christians, saying Muslim Uighurs are put in concentration camps in Xinjiang province.

In an article in The Kashmir Magazine, Qureshi writes China’s activity in Eastern Ladakh is part of its “big expansionist designs”.

“China’s expansionist activity in Eastern Ladakh is part of her big expansionist designs. What is the quantum of freedom allowed to the Muslims and Christians in China is known to the entire world?” he says.

“One cannot help express surprise on this type of mentality. Instead of defending our land against division…we have always volunteered to accept the yoke of slavery of a powerful neighbour,” he adds.

Qureshi says that Muslim Uighurs are forcibly put in concentration camps in Xinjiang. Muslim officials are not allowed to grow beards of offer prayers. Mosques cannot raise tall minarets.

“Under these circumstances, we should mourn the mentality of those who consider Chinese incursion into India a moment of hilarity for them because they are enemies of India,” he exclaims.

Indian and Chinese troops are engaged in a standoff along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) since May.

The tensions between the two neighbouring countries along the border escalated on June 15 face-off in Galwan Valley leading to casualties on both sides. India and China have held multiple rounds of military and diplomatic talks to resolve the matter.

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