Solve for India, sell to the world: Digital India Foundation

Co-founder and head of Digital India Foundation Arvind Gupta said the country is poised to achieve self-reliance in defence and tech sectors over the next four to five years.

He said India needs to embrace a global outlook and entrepreneurs must resolve challenges facing the country and sell solutions to the world.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has created an opportunity for the globe to not just look at incremental changes but transformative ones. A self-reliant, agile India will be able to transform its digital ecosystem,” he said in conversation with Karthikeyan Natarajan, President and COO of a leading engineering and technology solutions company Cyient.

The online conversation took place on the eve of India’s 74th Independence Day to discuss insights from Digital India initiative and key learnings for modern enterprises in becoming self-reliant.

Gupta, a leading innovation evangelist and former CEO of myGov India, said India’s digital economy is poised for a big lift. “The next big innovation for the world will come from India and the frugal nature of Indian entrepreneurship is something the whole world wants to emulate.”

Digital is the new-age economy worldwide and has been the biggest wealth creator in the last 10 years. Gupta said India is a trustworthy software destination and will play a significant role in 5G’s adoption.

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