Barely Enigmatic ; J&K in The Cusp of Curse

Unity and grit amongst pro INDIA people is premier and critical in a place where perpetrators and separatists continue to play havoc. This unity is an asset for the nation to rely upon and Treasure. The policy pursued by the Union Govt in Jammu and Kashmir has all along undermined the aspirations of the minority segment, besides accorded scant regard to the consistent oppression faced by those who braved the bullet of the marauders. Should we embark on any new gambit to deal with the ever failing situation, we must bear in mind that true exhibit of unity can act as the main bulwark and Poseidon against the relentless separatists onslaught. State has paid little heed to respond in time to safeguard and preserve the morale of the persecuted. Contrary to that an un ending and over flexible olive shoot has been extended to those who have disregarded each gesture with brazen contempt.abrogation of Article 370 and subsequent creation of Union Territory didn’t reap much to the expectation, for appeasement of the separatists remained the mainstay of any refurbished structure to deal the situation. The escalation of daring incidents after a brief lull has compelled the agencies to put together their heads to evolve yet another Tranche of strategy. Security forces have faced the worst flak. Those who have been in the Theatre all the while are pondering to devise dogmas that could see some gleam in the gloom.A gauntlet of mechanisms must be put in place in which the fundamental component should be the participation and fortification of those holding the National Standard must be ensured.
Shouldn’t we dwell what’s keeping situation still out of the grip,,
Things became glaringly manifest when GoI decided to conduct delimitation of legislative constituencies based on 2011 census. The decision shocked and baffled almost everybody when Census operations for 2021 census were to start in April, 2020. Why did GoI choose to follow a regressive path and not make 2021 census as the basis for new delimitation? Answer is not difficult to garner. GoI wanted to send an unambiguous signal to political class in valley that it wants to continue to perpetuate the Kashmiri legislative hegemony in the UT of J&K as it had done in the past Erstwhile state of J&K through arbitrary and faulty and biased delimitations exercises. The fudged 2011 census had placed Kashmir in position of immense advantage with manipulated population figures of more than 14 lakhs. Things did not only stop here, it promulgated a domicile law in UT of J&K in which internally displaced Kashmiri Pandits, West Pakistan and PoJK refugees living outside J&K were excised out of the scope of becoming legitimate domiciles. A timely intervention by the previous LG saved the situation and the amended domicile law preserved the rights of these Bonafide citizens residing outside J&K to become legitimate domiciles. The damage however was already done. The message went clearly to political class in Valley that Indian state was once again willing to sacrifice patriots living in J&K.
It is in this backdrop our resolve should be firm than ever to entrust emancipation of the ignored ever since. Time to put up with stark reality for the generations to follow shall hold all of us in contempt for succumbing even during the period of India Shining. Can we afford to break our ranks? Can we afford sectarian divides? Spare a thought, please.
The forces with a mindset and inclined to defeat the revolutionary changes in the erstwhile state that are seen as the harbinger of an era of equality and freedom have not disappeared. They are in fact working overtime. Systematically an opinion is being built that the previous system was better. This approach is being pursued in Jammu with an articulated sophistication. Segments of Congress, Panthers party, National Conference and even local BJP are systematically introducing the theme of disempowerment into the public domain by sowing the figment of speculative imagination of reprisals . And this effort is being complimented by engineering a sectarian divide between Kashmiri Hindus and Dogra Hindus who have acted together as an impregnable bastian against separatist strife in the state. Amongst Kashmiri Pandits names who althrough were used as a fifth column in support of 370, greater autonomy and Denial of Genocide of the community are being activitated. Similar names are being mobilised in Jammu as well. A close scrutiny will illustrate the viciousness and deception of a case that caught the attention of social media recently. An academician from Jammu chargesheeted a Kashmiri Pandit of the same forte’ for pursuing an anti-Jammu agenda. More names were marshalled to show How KPs were playing a dubious role and harming the interests of Jammu. The posts carried indirect insinuation that KPs as a community had betrayed the trust of Jammu despite the fact that Jammu provided them the space to live with dignity and safety. The contentious names had been repeatedly condemned by the community leaders from time to time. Examining the case closely one is startled to find that by implication both the academics were playing a complementary role and in fact promoting the same objective of engineering a sectarian divide. The KP academic was at the forefront of undermining the agenda of his own community and community leaders had denounced him on many occasions. The community organisation that he led had the blessing of the same person who was responsible for the readmission of the Jammu academic into BJP after a humiliating stint in Congress. The academic who championed the Jammu cause was appointed in the Chair in the University of Jammu to authenticate and establish that it were the Dogra rulers who abolished begaar for the betterment of people of Jammu and Kashmir When such motives get defeated, the British have taught us well how to spare the baggage..He was removed for not completing the work… We must understand that opportunity lost is a game lost. And in the present case The Salvation.Never again destiny would propel a leadership that has the Steel and Nerve to take on the unimaginable might of the class that ruled us for so long. We must rise to the ocassion and shed parochialism for the best interest of the ‘Land’ and those who have laid their lives to save Her Dignity and Grace. Lets save our movement from the ‘ the present times Darashikos’, for who knows who is sharing the stable and who is pretending to be Holier than The Cow.
Yet another miss shall only result in yet another skip,, could be that of the Heartbeat this time around.

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