New water filtration plant a boon in J-K’s Bumzoo

A new water filtration plant in the Bumzoo area of Jammu and Kashmir’s Anantnag district is among the initiatives introduced by the Centre in the union territory.

The new water filtration plant comes equipped with the latest purification technology and provides clean drinking water to over 2 lakh people in the district.

According to Muhammad Hanif, executive engineer of the PH division, the new plant is capable of supplying over 4.5 million gallons (37.85 lakh litres) of filtered water to people of the district.

“The new filter takes the raw water through a lot of processes. Ferric alum is added first, after which the clariflocculation process is carried out. The settled water is then taken through the rapid sand filtration plant. There it is filtered at the rate of roughly 4.8 cubic metre per hour. Finally, the water is disinfected and chlorinated,” Hanif told ANI.

According to Abdul Ahmed, a resident of the Anantnag district, this was a much-awaited water plant as it solved a lot of water problems.

“Although this does not solve all the problems that we face, it is a step in the right direction. We used to face a lot of problems with connectivity and timings of the water supply, but now the problems are relatively less,” Ahmed said.

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