Sushant’s family had protested against recording statement in Marathi, says lawyer

The family of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput had registered their protest with the Mumbai Police against recording their statement in Marathi, advocate Vikas Singh, the lawyer of Rajput’s father, said on Thursday.

Vikas Singh’s comments on the issue come a day after holding a press conference to dispel some rumours regarding the case.

“I believe the Mumbai Police Commissioner has said that no protest was made at that point of time. At that point, we only protested that it should not be in Marathi. We did not know what was written in Marathi as none of the family members hails from Maharashtra,” Singh told reporters.

The lawyer had on Wednesday held a press conference to dispel the rumours regarding the case and said that the theory being propounded by a section of the media that Rajput had a life insurance policy and the family will not be given money if he had committed suicide is a canard and Sushant had no life insurance policy.

Singh today said that the Mumbai Police even made their submissions before the Supreme Court in a sealed cover and added that if they had big revelations, they should have submitted it openly to enable us to respond to the same.

“That is why for the first time, this statement came yesterday about what apparently it is alleged the family members have said. This is the only occasion for us to know what actually had been recorded. Objection at that point of time was only that it should not be in Marathi,” Singh said.

The lawyer said that the family had also objected to signing the statement in Marathi, as they did not understand what was written in it.

Singh also said that the Rajput’s family is having grave doubt that this is not suicide but a murder.

Currently, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Enforcement Directorate (ED), and the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) are investigating cases related to death, money laundering, and drug respectively in the matter. Rajput was found dead at his residence on June 14.

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