Akshay Kumar drops power-packed preview of ‘Into The Wild with Bear Grylls’

After sharing a glimpse of the thrilling teaser, actor Akshay Kumar on Monday shared a power-packed preview of the much-loved adventure TV show ‘Into The Wild with Bear Grylls.’

“Into The Wild With Bear Grylls Preview When a Western adrenaline Adventurer meets an Eastern action junkie, don’t expect fireworks because brotherhood is what we found. Two fitness enthusiasts enjoying a stroll through dangerous territory is what I call the perfect walk in the park,” wrote the ‘Good Newwz’ actor as he posted to Instagram a preview of the upcoming special.

He added about the British wildlife adventurer–Bear Grylls, “@beargrylls is and always will be the ‘Man of the Wild’, I’m over the moon to have been chosen to do what I wish I could do with my kids every day, and that’s explore our beautiful lands! But for now, it’s just Bear and me doing what we do Best #Grrrrr #IntoTheWildWithBearGrylls @discoveryplusindia @discoverychannelin.”

The immense preview chronicled the journey of Akshay and Grylls in Bandipur Tiger Reserve and their thrilling adventures — from drinking ‘elephant poop’ tea to crossing river full of crocodiles. In the video, the survival instructor Grylls is shown introducing the ‘Blue’ actor as one of India’s biggest movie star.

The 46-year-old TV presenter said he is ready to take Akshay for an adventure into the wild. With the progression of the clip, Akshay is shown clipping up a tree with the help of a rope as Grylls instructed him. The two are also shown sharing their views about military life and about Akshay’s military charities. The actor also shared that he attributes inspiration and values from his father, who was in the Army and says he wants to pass on the legacy to his son.

As the video concludes, Akshay is seen crossing a river full of crocodiles with the help of ropes. Grylls said, “AK is a remarkable man who has literally fought his way to the top of his career, through determination, but also through discipline… for me this day has been a privilege, AK, you’re a legend.”

The buzz around Akshay Kumar’s episode is immense as the show featuring PM Modi generated historic high ratings for the infotainment genre whereas ‘Into The Wild with Rajinikanth’ is the second-highest-rated show ever in the genre.

The special show will premiere on September 11 on Discovery Plus App and September 14 on Discovery Channel.

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