India China reach five-point consensus after talks, says Chinese foreign ministry

After a two-hour-long meeting between Indian and Chinese foreign Ministers in Moscow, the two sides have reached a five-point consensus regarding the current situation after a full in-depth discussion, says a statement issued by Chinese Foreign Ministry.

“Wang outlined China’s stern position on the situation in border areas, emphasising that the imperative is to immediately stop provocation such as firing and other dangerous situation that violate the commitments made by the two sides,” said the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

“It is also important to move back all personal and equipment that have trespassed, the frontier troops must quickly disengage so that situation may de-escalate,” the statement further said.

China further emphasised that it is willing to support enhanced dialogue between the frontier troops on both sides to resolve specific issues.

The statement read, “The Chinese side will stay in touch with the Indian side through diplomatic and military channels and be committed to restoring peace and tranquillity in the border areas.”

The statement issued by China after talks also highlighted points made by the Indian side.

“The Indian side does not consider the development of India-China relations to be dependent on the settlement of the boundary question and India does not want to go backwards. The Indian side is prepared to work with China to ease tension on the border through dialogue and negotiation and to restore and maintain peace and tranquillity in the border areas,” said the Foreign Ministry.

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