Homage to Kashmiri Hindu Martyrs and Security forces

“Let us all be brave enough to die the death of a martyr but let no lust for martyrdom”.

Mahatma Gandhi

On 14th September we shall continue to remember our martyrs who fell to the onslaught of terrorism forced upon peace- loving community of Kashmiri Hindus by the forces inimical to India. This onslaught led to the extermination of Kashmiri Hindus from their homeland and since then we remember our martyrs year on year and now we enter in 30th year of its observance. The progressive and patriotic community who were known to possess the traits of spirit of industry and resourcefulness were externed from their homeland under a systematic program of genocide so as to establish Islamic state in Kashmir.

This genocidal war of attrition started with the selective killing of the community members. First the individuals were targeted and then families and subsequently the whole neighborhood was annihilated. The gruesome murders, that was actually part of the genocidal war launched on the community, was the part of the bigger scheme that included the cultural genocide to exterminate the religious symbols and aesthetics of the community in Kashmir. The aim was to prepare the path for the establishment of the Sharia governed society that has now attained the form of Islamic para military society that thrives on the barbaric dictum of demolishing the place consciousness of Kashmir and render it devoid of its Hindu civilizational imprints.

Kashmiri Hindus being the upholders and originators of this civilizational continuity were targeted as they posed the threat to the jihadi objective of wresting away Kashmir from the territorial ambit of the Indian nation. Kashmiri Pandits were the impediments to their larger design of attaching Kashmir with the Pan Islamic Ummah and declaring a clear cut war against the Indian nation. But Indian nation has failed to internalize this reality and has been treating the jihadi problem as governance problem that is just a case of devolution of political powers. As Indian state has always been of the opinion that Muslim communalism in Kashmir will be handled if more powers will be given to the over ground half separatists but this has boomeranged and further witnessed the unhinging of Jammu and Kashmir from the national mainstream.

This challenge is well understood by the Kashmiri Pandits that is why they became the frontline targets of jihadis and were subjected to religious cleansing. But Indian political class never realized the import of this pain and suffering. The martyrdom attained by the community members in the line of defense to save their Dharma and the nation is unparalleled. It is due to their sacrifices in thousands that we have been able to reaffirm our resolve to take these jihadis head on and defeat them in their game of false propaganda. But the enemy has been shrewd enough to destabilize our community by developing the fifth column from within the country who play the game of subversion for the jihadis and try every bit to defeat our resolve to reverse our religious cleansing. The worst part is that these fifth columnists have penetrated the rank and file of the mainstream political space and  are working as the over ground arm of jihadis to wreck the community from within. Thus this war to regain our ancestral homeland has  to be fought on two fronts one internal and other external. So that the sacrifice and martyrdom of our martyrs does not go waste.

The wanton killings along with disinformation campaign against minority Hindu Pandits were a part of well-calibrated and conceived plan of Pakistan. It was executed by their network of terror organisation in Kashmir which included JKLF, Hizbul Mujahedeen, Allah Tigers, Harkat-ul-Ansar, among others. A well-researched analysis will bear out that atrocities and vandalism out-perform even the mediaeval times. The ruthless bestiality and barbarity were evident in abundance during the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus. Therefore, it is imperative upon the victims of genocide to remember those innocent lives who fell to the bullets and sensitize the world that struggle in Kashmir is not a freedom movement, but Jihadi battle which is evident in many places around the globe.

The crimes against the Kashmiri Hindu community started with projecting the minority Hindus as enemies of Islam, as they were considered an impediment in the realization of Islamic Caliphate in Kashmir. This disinformation campaign was further accentuated as Kashmiri Hindus were considered as “Indian Agents” and hence killing them was a pious duty of those who wanted to establish the Jihadi enterprise in Kashmir. A systematic plan to change the Islamic character of Kashmir was done by rendering the Indian support base in Kashmir homeless and to convert the valley into a Wahhabi Islamic region.

Hindus of Kashmir always stood with India and to its secular values as espoused in the Indian Constitution. Therefore, this minority community, representing first line of Indian nation in Kashmir, were a resisting force against the radicalization of the valley. Hence, it was this community which was made the prime target of violence, rapes, mutilations and torture, with the aim of obliterating the peace-loving nationalist community of Kashmiri Hindus from their homes and hearths. It was bloodlust and the crystallization of hatred with “a willing complicity” of the majority community in the Genocide of Hindus.

Killings of Kashmiri Hindus were accompanied with torture and atrocities like what Jews faced under Nazis or what the Greeks and Armenians faced from Turkey. The barbaric methods used sent shivers down the spine of those who saw, read or heard about these. Burning wax were poured on sensitive parts of body, eye balls were gouged out, breasts of women were cut, nails were driven on foreheads, bodies were hanged on trees, strangulation by steel wires, drowning, dragging to death, burning alive among many other methods were used as part of atrocities so as to force the Kashmiri Hindus community to leave the valley out of fear. Series of threats were issued to the Pandit families, hit lists were pasted on the houses, apocryphal allegations were levied along with carrying out bomb blasts and stone pelting on the minority Hindu houses.

Brutalities against minority Kashmiri Pandit’s disregarded international covenants such as Universal Declaration of Human Rights and United Nation Covenants on Human Rights adopted in UN General Assembly in 1966. The grievous injuries on victims of Jihad are testimony to the tortures. What is surprising that there was silent connivance of the established political institutions and governmental organizations. The hapless Hindus were left to defend for themselves. Hospitals in Kashmir were converted to slaughterhouses as atrocious crimes were carried out there which will not find any parallel in modern history. Whenever, the Hindus were brought for treatment to the hospitals after getting injured by jihadi attack, were either allowed to die for want of treatment or brutally murdered by doctors in collaboration with jihadi terrorists. In many cases injured were allowed bleed to death and in some cases, victims were drained out of their blood and lives terminated. There are examples where inordinate delay was caused in sending the ambulances to victims so that they die for want of medical support.

Time and again the Kashmiri Hindu community have been seeking the judicial probe in line with Nuremberg covenants to bring the perpetrators of the genocide to justice. The community has a hope under the new dispensation led by PM Modi that killers would not be spared, and fair justice would be done with the families who have lost their dear ones who stood for India. With renewed mandate to govern the country PM Modi must act on neutralizing the terror enterprise along with support base in Kashmir to make the valley peaceful and allow the modern industrial sector to set their footprints.

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