Farmers protest against farm laws in Ludhiana

Farmers’ organisations blocked Ladowal Toll Plaza in Talwandi Kalan of Ludhiana in protest against the recently enacted farm laws, causing a traffic jam on Friday.

“We will block the toll plaza in Talwandi Kalan for two hours as a symbol of our protest against the recently passed farm laws by the central government,” a protester told ANI.

He said, “Until and unless the BJP government takes back these black laws, we will continue our agitation to show our disagreement.”

Members of several farmer organisations came to the Ladowal Toll Plaza and raised slogans demanding the scrapping away of farm laws which was passed by the Parliament and given assent by the President.

“Take away the farm laws, They are against our farmers,” shouted another protester.

Farmer organisations staged another protest at Rajpura-Ambala National Highway over the same issue today.

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