Three-layered security provided to Hathras victim’s family, witnesses: UP govt tells SC

The Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday filed its affidavit in the Supreme Court in connection with the Hathras case stating that three-layered security has been provided to ensure the security to the victim’s family and witnesses.

In the affidavit, the UP government said that it is committed to providing complete security to the family of the victim and witnesses to ensure fair and free investigation. It also asked the court to direct the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to submit a fortnightly status report on the investigation to the State government which can be filed by the DGP of UP before the court.

Threefold witness protection management has been devised, the government said, adding that “at the entrance of the victim’s village eight security personnel are deployed 24×7 and two head constable are deployed outside the victim’s house.”

In the three-fold protection management, the first one is the armed constabulary component comprising “Platoon commander (sub-inspector rank) NK/LNK, head constable and constables”, the affidavit filed by Special Secretary, Home Department of the Uttar Pradesh government read.

“Second is the civil police component, comprising of guards, gunners, and shadow. The third component is the installation of CCTV cameras/ lights to keep watch of the outer surrounding of the victim’s house,” the Uttar Police said in the affidavit.

Inspector (in-charge) of police station Chandpa has been made the in-charge of entire arrangements and he will supervise the police force and oversee the security arrangements on a daily basis.

On top court’s query whether the victim’s family has engaged a lawyer in the case, the UP government said advocate Seema Kushwaha and Raj Ratan have been hired as their private advocates.

Earlier, the government had filed an affidavit, asking the Supreme Court to allow a CBI probe into the Hathras incident on the alleged gang rape of a 19-year-old Dalit girl, under its own supervision in a time-bound manner.

In an affidavit in a PIL filed by Satyama Dubey, the state government had submitted last week that it has already recommended a probe by a central agency to “obviate hindrance created by certain vested interests in a fair and impartial investigation.”

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