JKUF observes Black Day against Pak invasion in 1947; Try Pakistan in Intl Court of Justice for Genocide


Jammu Kashmir Unity Foundation observed 22 October as ‘Black day’ on which Pakistan Army invaded Jammu and Kashmir in 1947 by organizing a Webinar. The topic of the Webinar was “Pakistan Invasion-Not a Tribal Raid”, the eighth in the series since the year 2013.

The main speakers in the webinar were Maj Gen Goverdhan Singh Jamwal(Retd), Dr. Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman Panun Kashmir, Jamil Maqsood, Foreign Affairs Committee, United Kashmir People’s National Party from Brussels, Advocate Monika Kohli, senior lawyer in J&K High Court, Dr. Gopal Parthasathi Sharma, Gen Secy JKUF and Secretary Dharmarth Trust, J&K, Mohd. Tariq Shah, President Jiyo Aur Jeene Do.

While speaking on the occasion Maj Gen Goverdhan Singh Jamwal(Retd) gave a clarion call for separate statehood for Jammu province saying the nationalist Dogra community had to suffer for last 70 years. Those valiant soldiers who should have ideally been national heros have been ignored and sidelined purely because of pampering and appeasement policy. Maj Gen Goverdhan Singh Jamwal (Retd) gave a detailed analysis of the events which unfurled during those days and how Pakistan was instrumental in persecuting the state subjects in 1947.


He offered a special mention to valiat dogra fighters who were instrumental in saving the state from the clutches of Pakistan, giving a reference to the martyrdom of Brig Rajinder Singh who fought bravely against the invading Pakistani Army and tribal forces. He expressed his regret that such brave forces have not been accorded their due dignity and respect by successive governments.


Dr Ajay Chrungoo while expressing himself in the webinar stressed that we need to understand that the events which unfurled in the month of October 1947 are part of the same Genocidal campaign which led to Genocide of Hindus of Kashmir. Ironically we have developed this fallacy of looking at these genocidal campaigns in isolation.

He further added that a wrong narrative was built around the Genocidal campaign and various excuses were attributed to this aggression. Substantiating with the example he said it is ironical that a full scale Pakistani aggression in 1947 was trivialized not by Pakistan but our own country claiming it as mere tribal invasion. A well calibrated exercise was unleashed to feed a wrong narrative to this nation just to ensure that a particular section of society stays appeased.


Advocate Monika Kohli, while speaking on the occasion said the nefarious designs of Pakistan were evidently clear from day one with the obnoxious statement of Jinnah who said, Kashmir is in my pocket. It is this mindset which led to Pakistani aggression and brutalization of Jammu and Kashmir. She added and warned that Pakistan is not the goal but a mere milestone in this conflict as evident from the historical happenings in the sub continent for last 70 years.

Adv Monika Kohli gave a outline account of how the Pakistani army regulars and tribal vandalized, plundered and massacred thousands of hapless people of erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir. Giving a bone chilling narrative of how Pakistan army and tribal abducted the women of J&K as war booty and sold them in North Wester Frontier Province, Adv Monika Kohli expressed her anguish over the barbarity perpetrated by Pakistan in this aggression. She highlighted the role of martyr Maqbool Sherwani who distracted the invaders to ensure that Indian Army gets ample time to land in Srinagar and consolidate its position to fight the invaders.

Mohd. Tariq Shah, President, Jiyo Aur Jeene Do, a NGO, narrated the horrific incidents of October 1947 appealed for larger understanding and mutual co existence. He appealed the masses to uphold the national integrity and honor for the larger good of masses. Highlighting the role of current dispensation, he expressed his opinion that Government should concentrate on providing opportunities to the youth of the state to earn a dignified livelihood.

Dr Gopal Parthasathi Sharma, Gen Secy JKUF and Secretary Dharmarth Trust, J&K, offered the vote of thanks to the panelists. In his address he expressed his satisfaction that the current dispensation showed the nerve in neutering 370 and reorganization of state. Dr Parthasarthi added that we are into new dawn and it is the responsibility of the current dispensation to ensure equitable development and opportunity to both the regions of erstwhile state and this can be achieved only through a rightful delimitation of electoral constituencies. Dr Parthasarthi hoped that the 24 seats which have been reserved for POJK displaced community should be de-reserved and this displaced community should be politically empowered.

Dr Parthasarthi came down heavily on ex chief minister Dr Farooq Abdullah over his recent ‘China’ remarks saying he has now lost hope in Pakistan and is turning towards China for assistance.

The webinar was moderated by Ajaat Jamwal, president, JK Unity foundation. In his closing remarks Ajaat Jamwal while appreciating the clarity of all the panelists held Pakistan squarely responsible for the mindless violence in the erstwhile state of J&K. He categorized Pakstan in the category of rogue nations, and its army as genocidal army which has been on a path of committing genocide right since its inception within and outside the territory of Pakistan. He stressed that a rogue country like Pakistan must be hled accountable for these genocides and brought to justice in International Court of Justice.




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