Several political parties meet in Jammu, mull over demand for statehood

Close to 20 political parties and social organisations held a meeting here on Wednesday and discussed the problems being faced by the region and demand for statehood to Jammu.

The leaders present at the meeting expressed concerns over the alleged neglect of Jammu division of the Union Territory by the Centre, according to Panthers Party chairman Harsh Dev Singh.

“The people living in 10 districts of Jammu believe that they are not getting anything. We are neglected in parameters of development, employment, allocation of funds. The focus of Delhi is on Kashmir or Ladakh and the nationalist residents of Jammu are getting ignored and therefore demand is being raised to grant statehood to Jammu,” Singh told ANI here.

The leader further said that more parties and organisations will join them in the coming days on the road to empower Jammu and demanding statehood.

Jammu Provincial People’s Forum, Hindu Shiv Sena, and other organisations took part in the meeting held yesterday.

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