Covid-19: ‘Indian Ocean’ pays tribute to ‘Bharat Ke Mahaveer’ with powerful anthem

India’s popular fusion rock band – ‘Indian Ocean’, that have won millions of hearts with their soulful music, has paid a heartfelt tribute to the unsung heroes of India, in the form of an uplifting anthem for Discovery Channel’s forthcoming series ‘Bharat Ke Mahaveer’, in association with UN India and NITI Aayog (Policy Commission).

With powerful lyrics – “Manzilain Humse Khud Aaj Kehne Lageen, Dil Mein Hai Hausla, Jeetegi Zindagi,” featuring the hosts of the series Dia Mirza and Sonu Sood — the video honours and celebrates India’s selfless heroes who have demonstrated extraordinary acts of kindness and empathy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Inspired by the tremendous display of humanity illustrated by these real-life heroes, the band has shaped this poignant anthem to spread a ray of hope during these difficult times, and with a promise of building India back — better and together.

“We believe that it is important to bring out the positive stories amidst all the prevailing negativity. That is precisely why we associated with Bharat Ke Mahaveer to create the anthem. It beautifully highlights the message that if we all come together, with good intentions and our collective efforts, we can, and we will overcome this difficult situation. It is a gesture of support and appreciation to those unsung heroes who continued to work while everyone was locked down at home,” said the band members.

“It feels great to see that people stepped up during such difficult times to help those in need and we saw many examples of such stories around us. Many have been working wholeheartedly to provide essential services even during this pandemic, to make sure that others do not need to put their lives at risk. The Bharat Ke Mahaveer anthem is a salute to all such heroes and we have tried to do justice to these inspiring stories through our music,” they added.

Sonu Sood, who is also featured in the video said, “It was altogether a different feeling to be a part of this anthem video. The lyrics are so powerful and give a sense of hope, even during these uncertain times. The words ‘Dil Mein Hai Hausla, Jeetegi Zindagi’ rightly convey that when we have courage and hope, nothing can stop us from winning.”

He further said, “I had goosebumps when I first heard this song.”

The three-part documentary ‘Bharat Ke Mahaveer’ showcases stories of extraordinary kindness shown by people at a time of the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. A total of twelve stories showcasing India’s spirit of solidarity and unity will air on Discovery Channel and also stream on Discovery Plus in the month of November

“I cannot think of a more fitting day to launch the Bharat Ke Mahaveer anthem than on the 75th UN Day. In many ways, the anthem embodies the timeless values of the UN Charter. It speaks of hope, solidarity, unity and brotherhood. And during these difficult and trying times, this message is exactly what India and the world need,” said Dis Mirza.

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