Anupam Kher shares film chronicling friendship with Satish Kaushik

Celebrating 45 years of friendship with film producer and actor Satish Kaushik, veteran actor Anupam Kher on Monday shared a clip about a film shot amid pandemic that chronicled the friendship and bond between the two. The film is titled as ‘The Last Show… Show must go on.’

The ‘Hotel Mumbai’ actor posted a clip on Twitter that featured the duo- Satish and himself. In the video, Satish said, “Friends, during the coronavirus induced lockdown, we have created a lot of videos and songs.”

Anupam says, “I also have done a lot of things, I did write a book, and composed a video that had me in double roles… But actually, both of us are actors, until the time we don’t do acting, we don’t feel good.”

The ‘Tere Naam’ director Kaushik then said, “Until the time, we don’t listen to roll, camera action… we don’t feel satisfied.”

The ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ actor added,” So, we decided to make a film during the pandemic and the thought crossed our mind that amid the COVID-19, if health workers, police officials, social workers are working, why can’t we do our work (acting) if all these people are doing the same.”

The clip then shows the actor and film crew maintaining physical distancing and wearing masks, following which Kher says, “We have shot the film by taking all the necessary precautions and we wanted to set an example, that people can work in a certain manner amid the pandemic.”

The duo also talk about the film and said that it will chronicle the friendship between the two.

Kaushik says, “You might get to see some real things about our friendship, and the film’s name is ‘The Last Show… Show must go on.”

The Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge actor shared the clip on Twitter and captioned it as, “When @satishkaushik2 & I met in 1975 in #NationalSchoolOfDrama we didn’t know our relationship will last for 45 yrs. So when the pandemic hit the world we decided to test our friendship. The result is ‘hopefully’ a beautiful movie called “The Last Show… Show must go on.”

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