Declare Pakistan a terrorist state, Shun ideological garbage: Dr Agnishekhar

Setting the trend in Covid times while adhering to norms of minimizing social contact, Panun Kashmir a premier and frontal Kashmiri Hindu organization organized a online press conference through a webinar.  The press conference was addressed by Dr Agnishekhar, convenor and Dr Ajay Chrungoo, chairman highlighting various issues of national and international importance.

In response to a question related to the reconstruction of dilapidated and vandalized Temples posted by Epilogue News Network, Dr Agnishekhar said, “The government does not have any road map at hand, nor is it talking to state holders about the issues. adding in such a scenario any effort to rebuild or reconstruct our places of worship stands meaningless.” He added that more than anything else it is the ideological garbage which the policy makers must shun to recognize the reality on ground.”

In their address the leadership of  Panun Kashmir rejected any policy on return and rehabilitation of Hindus of Kashmir which does not recognize genocide inflicted on the Hindus of Kashmir and is based on an approach of denial of Genocide. Panun Kashmir apprised the LG of Jammu and Kashmir through the medium of press that Hindu habitat in Kashmir from which Hindus of Kashmir were expelled stands destroyed. So there is no question of returning to the old places. The suggestion of return to 10 districts of Kashmir is actually a statement telling Hindus of Kashmir that they have to return to the Islamist order. Such a suggestion is totally unacceptable to Hindus of Kashmir.

Panun Kashmir further considers describing of Lal Ded as Lal Arifa as the work of advisors who continue to indulge in the cultural subversion of Kashmir. It is time LG chooses better advisors on such matters. We want to state that when Lal Ded  Womens Hospital in Srinagar was renamed as Lal Arifa Hospital it was opposed tooth and nail by all.

Coming down heavily on the Kashmir based mainstream political parties Panun Kashmir termed National Conference and PDP as overground separatist organization and appealed the GoI to learn from its past experiences.

Claiming that these parties have acted as internal sponsors of Muslim separatism, Panun Kashmir said that these parties have played a leading role in helping various terrorist regimes on the ground. For a long time these parties have dreamt of a two front conflict of India with Pakistan and China. Statements which declare that Kashmiri Muslims will support China are in fact brazen invitations to China to attack India. Panun Kashmir urged Government of India to constitute a SIT to probe the role of these parties in promoting terrorism, pan Islamic fundamentalism and all forms of illegal economy that promote Jihad.

Panun Kashmir while appreciating how the Government of France has responded to the Islamist terror on its soil said that Panun Kashmir has been sensitizing the world for last 30 years about this issue and it is the vindication of our stand.

Adding further Panun Kashmir said that they appreciate GOI’s support to the Government of France in this matter. However we want Government of India not only to respond to the day today acts of Islamist terror but mobilize to destroy the indoctrination infrastructure of Islamist terror. It is an irony that while Jammat-i-Islami stands banned in Jammu and Kashmir its institutions in Jammu and Kashmir continue to operate. The mother of LeT  ahl-e-Hadis continues to be a legitimate organization. The Jihadi war waged in Jammu and Kashmir is a total war. It has to be recognized as a war form and not merely terrorism. Terrorism, terror indoctrination infrastructure, terror propaganda and subversion all need to be destroyed.

Refering to the recent admission of Pulwama attack by a Pakistani minister in National assembly of Pakistan, Panun Kashmir said it is an imperative for GoI to respond to this admission. Indian narrative on Jammu and Kashmir is almost absent in the international arena. Indian narrative in Jammu and Kashmir and rest of India is yet to take off. How much time will GOI India take to realize that it has to invest in controlling the narrative in order to defeat the terrorist war in Jammu and Kashmir? We demand that Government of India declares Pakistan as a terrorist State and holds it responsible for Crimes against Humanity.

Panun Kashmir urged Government of India to immediately adopt the Panun Kashmir Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Bill which Panun Kashmir has proposed on 28 December Homeland Day last year and introduce it into the Parliament so that it is passed as an Act of Indian Law. Creation of the Union Territory of Panun Kashmir East and North of River Vitasta (Jhelum) in Kashmir is the only way to reverse Genocide perpetrated on Hindus of Kashmir and their permanent and sustainable rehabilitation.

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