J&K: IRP 19th Battalion establishes computer lab at Kathua govt school

India Reserve Police (IRP) 19th Battalion has established a computer lab to a government middle school in Chak Darab Khan of Kathua district on Sunday, under the Force’s civic action programme.

“We’ve established an IT lab here and given two computers to children. If children are computer-trained from the beginning, they can make a career in the IT sector. This is a small gesture from us, we hope the children will use them and progress,” Danish Rana, Inspector General of Police (IGP) IRP Jammu, said.

Two computers with a projector and other materials of computer lab were given under the civic action program. “Our battalion has identified this school which had no computer facility for children to learn digitally. Now children will have access to a computer lab and the latest technique of learning. In the future, other schools will also be identified for such educational support,” Rana added.

The students of Kathua will now have access to computers following the COVID-19 period when all the schools were shut and many students had no access to online classes.

“We’re very thankful to the police for providing us with computer facilities at school. Now we’ll be able to continue our studies without interruption, learn new techniques and keep up with the evolving world around us,” Suhani Boloria, a student, told ANI.

“Finally, we’ll be able to study online during the COVID-19 pandemic like the other kids. We had no computers until now and I’m grateful to the administration for this,” Geetika Devi, another student, told ANI.

“The police have gifted us two computers. We never had them before and continue our studies during the pandemic. I’m excited to use this technology for my studies henceforth,” Ajay Kumar, another student, said.

“I have 51 enrolled students in this school. Kids belong to financially weak households and I am very happy that the police officials have decided to give us two computers. Kids were suffering during the pandemic because we didn’t have enough technology to support their education. Things will be better now,” Darshan Kumar, the government school headmaster, said.

“We will provide IT classes in this government school. This was our dream and the police have made it possible for the students today. These kids should never feel that they’re less than anyone. This is a big step towards providing equal opportunities to students irrespective of their background,” Amit Andotra, the local Sarpanch, said.

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