Vegetable prices soar in the national capital, affect sales

Due to an increase in the price of vegetables, customers are being affected adversely and the inflation has also reduced the sales of vendors.

“Onion is selling for Rs 50-60. When the onion was cheaper, I used to sell 50 sacks in a day, now selling 9,” Mohammad Rashid, a vegetable vendor from Okhla mandi, told ANI.

“There are fewer customers in the mandi nowadays due to the hike in prices. Our routine sales have been adversely affected,” Ash Mohammad, another vendor, told ANI.

Heavy rainfall in south India has hit the supply chain of the vegetable, according to many sellers.

“Due to heavy rains in September, the crop reached the mandi quite late and the quality of the vegetable wasn’t good either. The supply chain was disrupted, a limited quantity arrived and thus resulted in a price surge,” said Saleem, another vegetable vendor.

The skyrocketing price of onions has caused worry to the consumers. “The prices of vegetables are constantly going up, it is difficult for us but there isn’t an option. The recent erratic weather changes along with the pandemic have resulted in difficult times for everyone,” a customer said.

Vegetable prices have collectively risen in the last month in various parts of the country and customers as well as vegetable traders have felt the adverse impact of the same.

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