Sher-e-Kashmir University organises ‘Saffron Day’ to promote world famous spice in Kashmir

Sheri Kashmir University of Agriculture Science and Technology (SKUAST) on Friday organised the ‘Saffron Day’ at Dusu in Pampore to promote Kashmiri saffron.

As the varsity organises an annual event focusing on a particular crop or spice every year, it has earlier celebrated ‘wheat day’ and ‘rice day’.


“We previously celebrated ‘wheat day’ and ‘rice day’ too. The motive to celebrate the ‘saffron day’ is to disseminate information regarding the latest research on the crop. The farmers and researchers have a dialogue and discussion on the issues around saffron growth,” Proffessor Mushtaq Ahmad, Vice-Chancellor – SKUAST, told ANI.

The world-famous Kashmiri saffron is amongst the most expensive spices grown in the Valley and considered an important part of the Kashmiri heritage. Saffron contributes majorly to the overall economy of the Valley and the Pampore region.


Through this programme, the saffron growers of Pampore got an opportunity to interact with the experts and researchers of SKUAST, who raise awareness about the latest technologies and developments in the field of saffron production.

“This program is a great initiative. The Vice-Chancellor and the director of the university were also present at the event who informed us about the challenges in this field. Ways to increase the production and enhance the marketing of saffron were discussed at length,” Javaid Ahmad, a saffron grower, told ANI.


“We are thankful to the organisers for inviting us to the Saffron day. The harvesting season is going on currently. Such events help us to understand the technicality of saffron growth. All the growers in the Pampore area will hugely benefit from this program,” Irshad Dar, a saffron grower, said.

The ‘Saffron Day’ helped the growers understand better farming and harvesting techniques and produce a better yield which will boost the economy of the overall agricultural sector of the Valley.

“All the experts participating in the saffron event help us understand how new technology can help in better quality produce. We received a lot of new information,” Shahid Nazir, a local, said.

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