BABA KALIVEER – Custodian of Consciousness in Jammu, Kashmir and North India: A Webinar

A Webinar was organized on Baba Kaliveer custodian of consciousness of Jammu Kashmir and North India was organized by Shri Baba Kaliveer Eco Spritual Research Centre. The Webinar started with the devotional song on the deity by RJ Ruhi and RJ Joshi.

The discourse on the topic was initiated by Shri D C Raina, Senior advocate a staunch devote and follower of Baba Kaliveer. While sharing his personal experiences Shri D C Raina deliberated upon his personal spiritual as well as professional achievements which he attributed to the blessing of Baba Kaliveer.

While speaking on the occasion Dr Dilip Kaul, a research scholar expressed the presence of Baba Kaliveer at the larger consciousness level which was present and continues to be prevalent in Northern India. He asserted that Baba Kaliveer binds and the entire North India against a totalitarian and fascist mindset. He further added that there are firm and concrete evidences which connect the birth of Baba Kaliveer to Kashmir and it is believed that Baba Kaliveer is resting in the famous Shah Hamdan mosque in Kashmir.

Advocate Monika Kohli presented her views on the impact of Baba Kaliveer in building a robust and genuinely liberal society with focus on spiritual upliftment of masses. She connected the essence of Sanatan Dharma with the presence of a light source like Baba Kaliveer who have nurtured Sanatan Dharma to its glory. While upholding the views of Dr Dilip Kaul, Adv Monika Kohli added that there was a set precedence of carrying the Sangli (iron chains) of Baba Kaliveer during Darbar and these relics were worshipped at the resting place both in Kashmir and Jammu.|

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Dr Rinku Wadhera, core faculty ICHSR give a detailed presentation through PowerPoint highlighting the analytical aspects of local deities and their impact on social cultural fabric of this country

Aditi Chaudhary, a graduate student of Miranda House made a very interesting remark that Baba Kaliveer is also known as Vatuk Bhairav in Himachal Pradesh which again authenticates and solidfies the connect of Baba Kaliveer and Kashmir thereby establishing the historical continuity of Jammu and Kashmir..

Ajaat Jamwal, chairman of  Shri Baba Kaliveer Eco Spritual Research Centre presenting the vote of thanks said that Baba Kaliveer establishes the historical, geographical and spiritual continuity and connectivity of a civilization in entire Himalayan region and North India. Baba Kaliveer, he said, stands as an epitome of resistance against Islamic invaders.

The webinar was moderated by Jyoti Jamwal who connected the entire webinar with her able oratory skills.


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