Advanced research centre playing vital role in saffron cultivation

An advanced research centre at Dussu area of Jammu and Kashmir’s Pampore district playing a vital role in boosting the cultivation of saffron in the region.

“From irrigation to fertilizers, the research center has provided assistance to saffron growers, farmers are also cooperating with the center to boost the cultivation,” said a saffron grower, Syed Mohiud-din Amin.

“Earlier, we were doing traditional farming, now they have introduced us with new technology, the farmers have also adapted it, said another saffron grower, Abdul Majeed.

With the help of the central government, under the National Saffron Mission (NSM), the Advance Research Station For Saffron & Seed Spices was established by Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Kashmir(SKUAST-K) a few years back on an experimental basis aimed to improve the quality and quantity of saffron.

Assistant Professor at the research center, Dr Mudasir Hafeez Khan said, “With the collaboration of the Agriculture Department, we are doing research to improve quantity and quality of saffron. We go on the field and assist farmers with technical knowledge.”

The dripping system, imported seeds, and other high-tech facilities have provided a better facility to the farmers of saffron. The authorities are trying to increases facilities aimed at aware growers about the latest technologies to provide quality in soil and seeds.

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