Congress should change its opinion on farm laws, says Telangana BJP leader

Telangana BJP leader P Sudhakara Reddy on Thursday said Congress and other opposition parties should change their opinion about the agriculture laws brought by the central government as these have been passed to eliminate middlemen.

“Congress and friends are confusing farming community against the agriculture bills passed by the Centre. Yesterday, in Khammam of Telangana Congress leaders irresponsibility talked about the Acts. They are doing this with a personal agenda, but people have delivered their verdict. I appeal to them to change their opinion,” he stated.

Reddy said BJP’s success in Bihar elections where NDA government returned to power and in bye-elections in other parts of the country shows that it has the support of people.

“I congratulate Prime Minister for victory in the recent polls. The mood of the nation is Modiji. That’s why people rewarded the party. The victory shows people’s support is with BJP. This is the ground reality. Unfortunately, Congress and allies are playing power politics and are resorting to mudslinging without proof because they haven’t seen the power in a long time.,” he said.

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